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Background - Giegue - by Kurtis T

Background - Giegue

Hopefully, the next one'll look lot better. Brushes used here can be found at

Other Submissions by Kurtis T

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Kurtis T Lil' Ms. Marshmallow
I wanted this to be my first drawing submittion, but that didn't really happen. Oh well. Thanks to Kine for the insperation for his original Lil' Ms. Marshmallow!
1/28/09 0.00
Kurtis T PK Love T-shirt (maybe?)
I loved the shirt so much, I redid it, except this time, it's for Lucas.
1/4/09 0.00
Kurtis T Corrupted Soldier
I just got a Bamboo Fun tablet a couple days ago, and I decided to make my first Earthbound tablet submittion start off with a bang! I crunched 3-5 hours in doing this. I hope you enjoy!
4/10/09 0.00
Kurtis T Boney used Saltwater Gun!
I got this idea from fighting the Steel Mechorilla during my second play-through of M3. Boney had a Saltwater Gun in his inventory, but I never used it, because I thought it wouldn't of worked.
1/28/09 0.00
Kurtis T I own you in Brawl
I did this after seeing the original "I own you in Brawl" artwork with Ness. I did this in (and I know that I royaly screwed up on his right hand, Im alot better at art with pencils and paper).
11/9/08 0.00


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