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M1: Basement Treasures - by amorerana

M1: Basement Treasures

Chapter 2. This one's rather short, I'm afraid. Amp-lay will be here soon.

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amorerana Because you were There: Part 1
This looks like my "M1" fics, and yes, it is. The first two chapters have been slightly revised, plus, it contains the next two chapters. It also has an actual title now. I will be posting in parts from now on. Enjoy!
12/18/09 0.00
amorerana Buzz Buzz interpretation
For the collage. I've always loved Buzz Buzz, and didn't want to pass up this oppurtunity. This is actually pretty old. I wanted to redraw certain parts, but it ended up being a hassel, and I messed up his eye. I'm just going to say it's a robot eye. It's MY interpretation, so I can do that.

Thanks for your time.
3/6/09 0.00


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