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The Wise Mute - by mastershambler

The Wise Mute

It's Leder from MOTHER 3! The humble bellman of Tazmily! I was recently inspired to do him by Galenalarkin and her awesome MOTHER 3 script!

King P sure gave him terrible living quarters...

If only I was really as tall as he is!
With some a deep role he plays in the game! He is character that cannot be forgotten!

Other Submissions by mastershambler

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mastershambler MOTHER fans unite!
A great group of fans at AX 2009! We even had Rope Snake, 2 Mr. Saturns and a buffet of Steak!
7/11/09 0.00
mastershambler Pimpin Master Porky
All the ladies and fangirls love the Pig King!
You wish you could have been at PAX Pigs Butt!
9/22/09 0.00
mastershambler Jeff Andonuts at Sakuracon!
An Earthbound photo shoot I did with my good friend Yuffie2900
4/16/09 9.00
mastershambler Bound Around My MOTHER
An updated pic of my MOTHER collection! It sure has grown! Many thanks to the deviants Plushraysetiger, Justsomerandomdude and FanGamer for making much of this possible! I hope to pick up some awesome items for this collection by the fantastic Pandari I did not include my fangamer pics or posters because they are hung up.
6/17/09 0.00
mastershambler Giygas at PAX
Final version of my Giygas flag! A huge improvement over the last one! Enjoy and see you soon!
8/27/09 0.00


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