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lucas chilling with duster - by garageman45

lucas chilling with duster

this took place at animefest and I finally found a duster there (never thought I would find a a duster, either). you know what would be the bomb? if that same kumatora girl I found at a-kon 20 joined us in this photo but unfortunately, I couldn't find her at animefest. oh well. this picture is good enough, regardless.

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garageman45 a somewhat smash bros. shoot
again, this took place at akon 20 and in this picture, it feature marth, ike, and lucas (myself), just like super smash bros. oh, about that stick, I cut that from a branch from my backyard. any questions?
9/16/09 0.00
garageman45 Lucas and Claus' bathroom photo
As you can see, Claus is taking a picture with Lucas in a bathroom in the mirror for his myspace (yes, surprisingly, myspace does exist in the mother 3 universe). This picture is actually based on a picture of my cousin Kyrun and his brother Krys (brother from another mother) taking a picture in my brother's bathroom for myspace and this bathroom isn't based on my brother's, I found it randomly on the internet. by the way, notice the mr. saturn shower curtain in the background and the DCMC shampoo on
the bottom of the picture. There will be more bathroom photos of Lucas and Claus coming up soon.
9/27/09 0.00
garageman45 star wars mother 3 style
as you can see, this is yet another star wars parody. This time the parody is made by me and this time it's with mother 3 characters all drawn by me. if you don't know what mother 3 is, I suggest you play it.

Lucas as Luke Skywalker or should I say "Lucas Skywalker"
Duster as Han Solo
Kumatora as princess leie or kumaleia, if you will
Boney as Chewbacca
Rope snake as C-3PO
Mr. Saturn as R2D2
Flint as Obi Wan
???? as darth vader (ok I'll reveal him. it's Claus, lucas' brother)

I came up with this idea on august 13 2009 mainly because I don't have the internet anymore because my mom thinks that it's time that I pay it because I'm a grown man and it's time that I be treated like one by be more responsible. enough about that, check out the star wars mother 3 parody. Use the force, Lucas!
9/17/09 0.00
garageman45 Heeeeere's lucas
here I am again, people, cosplaying as lucas a akon and check out my weapon of choice I have in the picture.
9/24/09 0.00
garageman45 Star Wars 5 Mother 3 Style
I came back with another parody of star wars with mother 3 characters (ness make a cameo) and this time it's a parody of the empire strikes back episode.

Lucas as Luke Skywalker or should I say "Lucas Skywalker"
Duster as Han Solo
Kumatora as princess leie or kumaleia, if you will
Boney as Chewbacca
ness as yoda
black duster as lando (yes, I turned duster black for this)
fassad as boba (or bofassad)
claus as darth vader

the return of the jedi version will come soon. Lucas, I am your brother. No! That's not true! That's impossible!

12/3/09 0.00


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