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lucas chilling with duster - by garageman45

lucas chilling with duster

this took place at animefest and I finally found a duster there (never thought I would find a a duster, either). you know what would be the bomb? if that same kumatora girl I found at a-kon 20 joined us in this photo but unfortunately, I couldn't find her at animefest. oh well. this picture is good enough, regardless.

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garageman45 a dinner break at beauty & tasty's
lucas and company are all taking a dinner break from such a long quest at beauty & tasty (more like ugly & nasty). the situation in this picture is: lucas is enjoying his big city burger like normal. nothing special. the robot that happens to represent porky's mom as waitress malfunctioning (again) and kumatora's is getting frustrated because of that and boney is tapping duster's leg (if I can remember correctly, I think that's his bad leg) because he want some of his food and that situation is based on what my dog does when I eat. wait! there's something wrong with this picture: NO DRINKS. they didn't order any drinks to go with their food. what's up with that?
10/17/09 0.00
garageman45 boney vs. muttshroom
on the way down the tunnel, lucas and boney discover a Muttshroom and Michael Vick? what's he doing on nowhere island? Anyway, as the canines duke it out, Michael Vick comes out of nowhere cheering them on (that's what he's best at anyway). I'm not sure if all of you keep of with football (neither do I because I don't like football or any kind of sport) nor know who he is; he's known for the dog fighting incident and I thought it would be hilarious if I put this together because of that.
10/23/09 0.00
garageman45 my duster costume
this is me dressed as duster. now I originally wore this at akon 20 but nobody recognized me except a few people who were into the mother series as well as me but that was about it. which is why I haven't worn this costume since this. so I decided to dig it up and wear it for this photo just to show it off to everyone in the mother world and no I'm not wearing this for halloween because no one will know who I am anyway.
10/31/09 0.00
garageman45 my duster costume with one wall staple
there's me again as duster looking crazy with a wall staple. I couldn't hold the other one because I had a camera in my hand but I look possessed as if I'm gonna kill somebody with that wall staple
10/31/09 0.00
garageman45 The last supper in tazmily
this is obviously based on the last supper by da vinci. I had an idea a few day ago and I imagine what it would look like if I drew the main characters of mother 3 and some of the people of tazmily based on the original last supper painting and here it is. compare this to the original and notice I had to omit someone from the drawing because I had no idea who to put in next but it's still good, right?
11/1/09 0.00


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