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NDK - Ness Coplay - by xHyurax

NDK - Ness Coplay

My Ness cosplay, debuted at Nan Desu Kan 2009. I had a Lucas, and we hung out with an amazing Jeff, Tony, and Loid! It was a blast!!

Other Submissions by xHyurax

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xHyurax Distractions
A fan comic about Ness and Lucas, based on something that happened between my sister and I. We were talking on the phone and I was all "brb" ...and then forgot to brb. XDD
6/9/09 0.00
xHyurax Ketchup please!
A typical breakfast with Lucas and Claus. XD I haven't drawn Lucas much so I'm still getting used to his hair... need to learn to draw it better. XD Anyways, Flint's not there cuz he's out shearin' dem sheep. Probably.
7/2/09 0.00
xHyurax prvt. squealer
I love the pigmasks. XD drew this on tegaki.
8/1/09 0.00
xHyurax Homework
Jeff and Tony doing homework and there's crayons because I thought maybe Tony would like to do his homework with crayons instead of pencil because then he could write mathematical equations in rainbow.
11/16/09 0.00
xHyurax NDK - Ness & Lucas
Me as Ness and my sister as Lucas. I styled her wig and it was so stressful, but a lot of people liked the spike. XD Even though a lot of people didn't know us from anything other than smash bros...
9/20/09 0.00


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