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Right Arm - by Kurtis T

Right Arm

Style inspired by Ozwalled
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Other Submissions by Kurtis T

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Kurtis T Here He Comes Alteration
11/24/09 0.00
Kurtis T Mechanic Rampage
Alright, this is my half of an art swap I did with Queue (by the way, Im H4x0rK4t... dont ask). NOTE TO QUEUE: Bud, ths COULD'VE been better, but I crapped out on the layers on iScribble, and PhotoShop just made it worse... I still hope you enjoy it as much as I do the Kumatora you made me (you have no idea how much I love it)!!
5/28/09 0.00
Kurtis T ~Yawn
I've been neglecting my favorite M3 character latley.
5/28/09 0.00
Kurtis T Badass Boney
Boney just got more badass!
1/4/09 0.00
Kurtis T Mr Saturn Birrage!
It's a Mr Saturn birrage! Sorry if some of the Mr Saturns didn't come out too well :'(. Theirs, like, 7 or 8 fobbies for you to find in there, too!
1/4/09 0.00


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