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Mr .Saturn Farm - by FiestyPanda

Mr .Saturn Farm

Where do Mr. Saturns come from?

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FiestyPanda Battle at Oshoe Castle
What you see is a scaled down version of this picture, go here for the desktop ready, 1680 x 1050 version:

Made over the course of a week, all in photoshop, all by freehand. This was my second foray into CS4, so please give me comments or criticism. Realizing that my other fan art hasn't ever been on the front page, I decided to kick it up a notch. I also needed some new wallpaper for my brand spankin new OS, (Win7RC). And thus, the picture you see before you was born. Like any good artist, I cut out a lot from this picture, with the original including Duster and Boney, with Duster in a crazy awesome wall stapling frenzy, but I simply couldn't put the image on paper, so I decided to have the picture focus on Lucas and Kumatora, the two PSI powered characters of Mother 3. Anyways, enjoy!

PS: I know the flying mouse doesn't have any arms, and I'm keeping him that way!
5/8/09 0.00
FiestyPanda Mr .Saturn Farm
Where do Mr. Saturns come from?
1/21/10 0.00
FiestyPanda No time to lose
The M3 cast, dashing along :)

Go here for the full experience ->
2/10/10 0.00
FiestyPanda War in Eagleland
is it just me, or does the tenda in frame #2 look EXACTLY like Maxwell from Scribblenauts?
2/13/10 0.00


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