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M2: Harmony - The White Ship Pg.44 - Another - by Gekko

M2: Harmony - The White Ship Pg.44 - Another

HarmonyWhite - #44
It turns out that Leder was not alone...

Other Submissions by Gekko

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Gekko M2: Harmony Pg.65
Harmony - #65
After Porky finishes telling everyone his plans with utmost glee and the rain begins to really come down, it seems that Lydia has made a decision… Wait. Lydia, are you really going to… betray your new friends?
1/15/11 0.00
Gekko M2: Harmony Pg.66
Harmony - #66
With one of his precious machine’s legs completely destroyed, Porky can no longer hold back his impatience and anger and now seeks to destroy all who stand in his way. But Ness has a plan…
1/15/11 0.00
Gekko M2: Harmony Pg.67
Harmony - #67
Through teamwork, two powerful PSI attacks converge and overpower Porky’s tough armor. But will even this be enough to shut down that machine?
1/15/11 0.00
Gekko M2: Harmony Pg.68
Harmony - #68
Picky makes the final decision to do what he can to keep Porky away from his friends, and his bazooka shot triggers a massive explosion that finally disables Porky’s machine. But the Pig King isn’t going down without a fight… Although, suddenly, it looks like he doesn’t have a choice. With one last era rejecting him, the time tear goes into overdrive, sucking in everything—porkbot heads, a doorknob, and parts of Fiveton. Can the team hold on long enough?
1/15/11 0.00
Gekko M2: Harmony Pg.69
Harmony - #69
Just as things look their worst, with poor Marvin and many zoo animals (a few escape the terrible fate) sucked into the time tear, a peculiar little man in a lab coat leaps into action, and that brief show of courage will shift what could’ve been into a different direction…
1/15/11 0.00


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