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/EarthBound - Ch. 03 - Lookout Hill - by Paper

/EarthBound - Ch. 03 - Lookout Hill

/EarthBound: 3 - Ness discovers the meteorite and meets his neighbor Pokey at the hill.

Other Submissions by Paper

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Paper /EarthBound - Ch. 13 - The 2nd Attempt
/EarthBound: 13 - Buzz Buzz and Ness double team to finish off the Starman.
2/10/05 0.00
Paper /EarthBound - Ch. 14 - Pow SMAAAASH!
/EarthBound: 14 - Ness and Buzz Buzz give the Starman a few good whacks to the head.
4/3/05 0.00
Paper /EarthBound - Ch. 15 - Battle Exhaustion
/EarthBound: 15 - Buzz Buzz attempts to teach Ness how to heal and use his own powers.
4/3/05 0.00
Paper /EarthBound - Ch. 16 - PK Discovery
/EarthBound: 16 - Ness realizes his own powers for the first time.
2/10/05 0.00
Paper /EarthBound - Ch. 17 - 'Heroic' Chicken
/EarthBound: 17 - Pokey celebrates his 'victory'.
2/10/05 0.00


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