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Ionia's Secret Power - by Katrina Watersong

Ionia's Secret Power

I imagine the Magypsies having secret PSI powers only they can use. This is Ionia's, "Forest Blade".

Other Submissions by Katrina Watersong

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Katrina Watersong Young Porky Minch
Yes, Porky. You know. The butt-cake that sold his soul to Giygas and then became the Pig King. But before that, he was just an innocent kid. This is Porky as an innocent kid.
11/17/09 0.00
Katrina Watersong Two Thousand Ninten
Happy New Year, guys!
12/29/09 0.00
Katrina Watersong Tony and the Sky Runner
Tony was talking a walk to Lake Tess when he saw a shadow on the ground. Looking up, he saw the Sky Runner zooming overhead, in the direction of Dr. Andonuts' laboratory. This could only mean that Jeff was returning after going out on some journey. Tony smiled and, abandoning his quest to explore the lake's east shore (at least, for now), he ran to the lab to say "Hi" to his friend.

I drew this while listening to "Skyrunner Remix" from Rock Candy. Good song, I tell ya. I FAIL at perspectives! The background's not lining up with the line art very well, at least I don't think so. Yay me... >_>
1/21/10 0.00
Katrina Watersong The Traitor
Locria... why?
2/2/10 0.00
Katrina Watersong The Prussian Chimera
It's crossover time! Mother 3 and Axis Powers Hetalia :D
8/29/10 0.00


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