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You Can Call me Pollyanna... - by Love Theme

You Can Call me Pollyanna...

...say I'm crazy as a loon, but I believe in silver linings, and that's why I believe in you! Just a Ninten drawing.

Other Submissions by Love Theme

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Love Theme You Said You Loved the Ocean
Poor Nana... Everyone doesn't like her because she talks to much. so, Lucas, being the kind-hearted boy he is, decides to give her a Dolphin Ossicle he found on the beach as a present.
8/14/10 0.00
Love Theme Kumatora, the PSI Princess
She may be weaker in terms of offense compared to her companions, but she is the least afraid to throw punches! I tried to submit this once already, but I think there was an error because my computer was acting up.
7/11/10 0.00
Love Theme Electric Pals
The Masked Man and Pikachu. I always wondered if in the Subspace Emissary in SSBB Lucas thought the Pokemon where Chimeras, especially Squirtle (squirrel + turtle).
8/13/10 0.00


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