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Jeff in Crayon - by BUFFALODUDE44

Jeff in Crayon

Crayons: the way of the Andonuts family!

Other Submissions by BUFFALODUDE44

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BUFFALODUDE44 Jeff in Crayon
Crayons: the way of the Andonuts family!
10/17/10 0.00
BUFFALODUDE44 Mother Series 20th Anniversary
Here is a little picture that I drew to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Mother series. It features many of the major Mother characters. Didn't realize how big this was the first time I submitted it. Sorry.
8/1/09 0.00
BUFFALODUDE44 Ness in Crayon
What else would an Earthbound fan do with a new box of crayons?
9/4/10 0.00
BUFFALODUDE44 Orange Kid Joke
Here's something that I whipped up in my Spanish/Geometry classes, and I colored it when I got home. The uncolored version looks better because I'm pretty terrible at coloring. o_o
10/8/08 5.00
BUFFALODUDE44 Paula in Crayon
These crayons are hot! *shot*
9/25/10 0.00


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