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Ness and Freya - by Chibi-Pit

Ness and Freya

Commission from Miss Freya ala M3-Fan6 from DeviantART.

Other Submissions by Chibi-Pit

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Chibi-Pit Ness's Aim Really Sucks Part One
…If you can’t even hit a SLUG dead-on on your first swing.

Part two will be funnier, I prooooooooooomiiiiiiiiiiiiise.
8/26/10 0.00
Chibi-Pit Ness's Aim Really Sucks Part Two
…Less about Ness’s aim suckin’ and more about the fact that even a SLUG can avoid an incoming bat attack from the so-called number one baseball fan in Onett.

I said part two would be funnier, but I LIED.
8/27/10 0.00
Chibi-Pit I finally found you
Ever since you disappeared three years ago, I've awaited for your return home. And now... now I've finally found you.

But... why must it be so heart-rending......?
8/2/10 0.00
Chibi-Pit It's been a long day
"It's been a long day, huh. But... I had a good time with you. Let's play again sometime.

Well, see 'ya later."
8/3/10 0.00
Chibi-Pit Anna tried PK Fire!
"Anna tried PK Fire!

...Strangely enough, her skirt didn't catch ablaze."
8/4/10 0.00


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