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How Duster got that limp? - by RedSnake

How Duster got that limp?

Duster seems to be a very modest character, maybe he has an inferiority complex, brought on by his father, who keeps insulting him and seems to want more of him that he can give. But that is only what it seems at first glance. His father is tough with Duster because he wants him to be strong, and secretly hates himself for believing he caused Duster limp during a training accident.

But, and stop reading NOW if you have no beaten Mother 3... Are you still reading? Well... Duster and his father Wess and not really related! In fact since the people of Tazmily Village have not been on the island so long, his limp probably has another cause, but what was that cause?

If we see things outside the box, Duster has bad breath and a limp because Mister Itoi wanted to teach us a lesson, that maybe if you did not judge people at first glance you could meet great people.

But... if he has a limp, how is he able to use his legs in battle? Because he might walk weird, but his leg still works, because he worked very hard, because Wess trained him very hard, and because he is not what he seems at first glance. What do you see of him at first glance? A thief with bad breath and a woody leg, who is sent to steal something from a castle, not the type of person you SHOULD hang out with, right? But once you get to know him, you see something different, you see a good person, one that does care for his friends, and someone that is actually very good at fighting using his legs. In fact we could argue that somewhat slightly erratic movement of his limp leg gives him an advantage in battle, as it makes harder for the enemy to predict where his kick is going to land.

Now, lets see things inside the box, Duster must have been someone with skill using his legs, maybe a dancer, who was also a bassist (He joined the DCMC as one after all), then he had an accident. He tried his best to recover, but even if he regained most of the use of his leg, you cannot dance with a woody leg. Then it came the end of the world, he boarded the White Ship and ended in the islands. And when it was decided everyone but Leder would lose its memory and get a new identity, he saw his chance. He could no longer dance, but becoming the son of a "thief", he could use his legs for something, to protect Kumatora and the egg of light. A new beginning, a new chance, to be useful, to be an hero.

And surprisingly, he ends becoming more of an hero that the person that was before wanted to be, why? Because he did not gave up and worked hard!

Long life to Duster! Son, hero, guy with bad breath and a limp leg, you helped to give the world of Mother 3 a new start, and for that, we thank you.

-Red snake

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