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Monkeys in the Dessert - by Captain Bozo

Monkeys in the Dessert

The monkeys were called there by the allure of the chocolate drizzled landscape, the Neapolitan hills, and the whipped cream mountains, adorned with giant maraschino cherries and sprinkles the size of logs. The enormous banana rumored to be buried beneath the landscape was only a perk.

Other Submissions by Captain Bozo

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Captain Bozo Bozobound
Oh man this hack <3
3/2/12 0.00
Captain Bozo Master Belch
Aww yeah...
3/12/08 0.00
Captain Bozo Monkeys in the Dessert
11/17/11 0.00
Captain Bozo octo
2/3/12 0.00
Captain Bozo Pokey's Spider Mech
I always saw it as a combination of Machine, Spider, and Evil. A product of boredom and lack of EB Fanart.
12/28/08 9.00


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