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Cid Highwind's Theme (EB) - by Alxprit

Cid Highwind's Theme (EB)

From Final Fantasy 7, created using EBMUSED.

Other Submissions by Alxprit

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Alxprit Mid-Mirror: Octobot
Had anybody drawn a Mirror sequence before? Well, I decided to just try one anyway. It's a Mechanical Octobot. Poo mirrored it. And it was awesome.
8/24/09 0.00
Alxprit Mid-Mirror: Slug
Not quite as awesome as an octobot, but you can't get 'em all without doing some crappy ones as well. Poo should have kept that Brain Stone.
9/12/09 0.00
Alxprit Go to Merrysville?
Loid was shunned by most. Even so, when he left his home, there was a sign of doubt...
5/9/10 0.00
Alxprit Magic Snail
The way Memoria interprets it, anyway.
9/8/10 8.00
Alxprit Cid Highwind's Theme (EB)
From Final Fantasy 7, created using EBMUSED.
11/19/11 0.00


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