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Loid is Dr.Andonuts? MAYBE - by SaturnStorm

Loid is Dr.Andonuts? MAYBE

Before you all scoff and run off, hear me out. I'm not saying this is a definite, and I'm not saying you have to buy into it. But perhaps it's worth considering.
Now, I want to point out, this doesn't mean Ninten is Ness's dad, or Ana is Ness's mom or Paula's mom or that they're in any significant way tied to the idea. If Ninten and Ana were in any way involved, and related to Ness or Paula, they would have been much older. But rather than keep quelling that idea, I'll return our focus to Loid, and Loid alone.
From what we know of Loid, he's a smart kid, who may or may not have been developing a time machine (if the Mother Encyclopedia is to be considered a form of canon). And he may or may not have been able to access technology well above him at some point during his adventure. He may also, like so many stereotypical geniuses, have idolised Einstein. We also know he's aware of PSI, aware of the impending alien threat, and hides in trash cans when threatened (a family trait no less).
We also know that it could all be said of Dr.Andonuts as well. While part of me would ignore that point, it's worth mentioning that not all of that could be said of the other geniuses in EarthBound. So it's not like it's a completely moot point. Though I do acknowledge it's not necessarily the most solid. But even Apple Kid didn't realise the looming threat until you reach Summers.
What really got me thinking was how old Andonuts was, when you consider the parents of Ness and Paula. There's quite the age difference there, but for Andonuts to have realistically had a child, he couldn't be that far beyond 'over the hill'. So without delving into specific biology, for Dr.A to have realistically had a kid, he'd have had to be somewhere between 40 and 50 when Jeff was born. So with Jeff being, let's say, about 13/14, it'd put Dr.A at around 50/60 during EB. I don't think that looks too far off for aging by the 90s.
That led me to a more interesting curiosity. It was through remembering the encyclopedia entry on Loid that had me scrabbing through my history. Specifically, when Einstein passed away. That year was 1955. You can probably see where I'm going with this. But for a boy who may or may not have been working on a time machine, who believes himself the reincarnation of Einstein, if he had a choice of where to go, what more perfect time than when Einstein was still alive?
If you consider how Einsten, in the EB Universe, would have lived somewhere in the Foggylands, it would have made sense for Loid, should this have been possible, to wind up over there, learning from the master and at the most prestigious school where his knowledge, if EB shows us anything, is respected.
So if we return to the numbers, for Jeff to have been 13 in 199X (let's say '4', the year before EB's release), he would have been born in 1981. 26 years after Einstein's death. Plus 12, Loid could have been assumed to be at least 36 when Jeff was born, putting him at around 49 when EB takes place. And that would be assume Loid arrived in the past in the year Einstein died.
Again, I'm not saying this is factual, nor am I saying you totally have to buy into this idea. I'm well aware of the flaws in this, which is why I haven't presented this on the forums at any point. But if you think about it, that's not entirely off the mark, really, is it?

Satsy out, and hoping someone took the time to read this. ;)

Encyclopedia MOTHER translations (translated by Kenisu)

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