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The impenetrable sphere - by SaturnStorm

The impenetrable sphere

The Absolutely Safe Capsule and Porky's Ego

One of the most curious questions I see regarding this, Porky's last stronghold, is "what is it made out of?" The idea that the ASC is unbreakable would be unthinkable, what with how our solid elements all have their limits. It even raises the question of if this thing is indestructible, and the Ultimate Chimera is the ultimate destructive force, what would happen if the latter tried to break the former?

The obvious answer to this question is that it'd never happen. But I'm not here to state the obvious, I'm here to give you all a little food for thought.

When we think of the ASC, we think of a physical object made of earthly elements, right? Like it's made out of steel, or titanium, or adamantium or whatever tough metals you can think of. These metals, or rocks, or whatever you thought up, as you know, all have breaking points. They all have a point where they'll finally give up the ghost. So it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that there would be a point where the ASC, were it made of one of these, would break and expose Porky to the elements once again.

But what gets me about the idea is that we're assuming something logical about this. I mean think about it what you're assuming is actually very odd for this Universe isn't it? So let's start by throwing some of that logic out the window for a bit. Remember this is a world with aliens, mysterious creatures that seem to be commonplace, lands of magic that are made up of peoples' imaginations, and a dragon (or some other force to be reckoned with) sleeps under the Nowhere Islands that a previous hero may or may not have tapped into. Some stretches of logic, it has to be said, can probably be ignored. Much like the theoretical logic of time travel but I'll save that for another article.

So, let's consider perhaps, that the ASC is as Itoi has said, and is indestructible. That 5.5 billion years down the line he'll still be around in that capsule. If you take the idea at face value it would be impossible with physical objects as, somewhere down the line, it would stop being absolutely safe. Somewhere, once the elements have had their way with it, the capsule would be breakable once more. So to be so invincible, it would have to not be made up of physical elements as we know them. It's not even a far-fetched thought, either.

Curious? Consider Magicant. Whichever once you want. You could get items in either one, in some cases items you couldn't get outside of Magicant. These items don't disappear when you take them out of Magicant, either. These items wouldn't have been made of physical materials, especially not the ones you could grab from Ness's Magicant. So how do they exist? Logically they don't. That's why we've thrown logic out for a while. Because some things aren't as easily answered unless you want to get ridiculously convoluted. The only problem here, I'm sure you're more than happy to point out to me, is that there is no Magicant in Mother 3.

But there are Magypsies, who are apparently magical, ancient creatures forged for the upkeep of the island's needles. And one of them is working with Porky. Even if you don't buy into Yokuba (Fassad) being the missing Magypsy, or you don't think his seashell house was there voluntarily... Porky's attitude once you've entered and left the seashell is quite disgusted. He clearly didn't like you there, which goes to show something a little more personal with that than even the Masked Man.

Naturally, I'm making this more complex than necessary. Yet at the same time I felt this setup would be helpful. So let's get onto the tougher meat of the theory; the part that, yes, will probably be hardest to chew.

So if we move out of the realms of logically acceptable materials, and consider the imaginary grounds that would have been at Porky's disposal, with the aid of a scientist he'd forced to help him in the development of an absolutely safe capsule, perhaps we could see a less logical, but perhaps feasible possibility.

Porky's Absolutely Safe Capsule is created, and perhaps reinforced, through his own stubbornness, his arrogance, his ego.

I mean what could be tougher to crack than a fool's thick head? Mentally speaking. And what could be a better way to enforce it, than to see people try to break it and fail miserably?

Of course in a physical world few people would have the influence over the material to change it, no doubt himself included. After all he isn't a psychic, and probably didn't even have access to his own Magicant (especially not in the ways Ness and Maria had -- after all why would he go about building New Pork City the way he did if he did have such access). This could well have been something Fassad oversaw. Perhaps this is why Dr.Andonuts never really got round to finishing it. So I doubt when all's said and done Porky could go ahead and create himself a door handle.

Admittedly this could all be well-off-center. It's a strange idea with loose ties to the games, and I acknowledge this. But the ASC as physical imagery for Porky's own ego shield? You've gotta admit, that would be some pretty apt imagery.


Porky will never die:

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