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What is the Lost Underworld? Why is it filled with dinosaurs, and how was it formed? - by Absoltastic

What is the Lost Underworld? Why is it filled with dinosaurs, and how was it formed?

The Lost Underworld, as well as the locations of the Tenda Village and Lumine Hall, was carved into the Earth's crust by means of weathering from the toxic, mysterious waters of the Deep Darkness; a giant cave of sorts. The Fire Spring located there is the deepest portion of the chasm, and it reaches into the Earth's magma-filled mantle. This place has actually existed for millennia, but it has been carefully kept a secret, mainly because of the dinosaur population there.

The dinosaurs, as many theorists suggest, faced a whole fleet of meteors striking the Earth, which was said to have completely destroyed the race of dinosaurs and started a new era of mankind. Scientists never did venture through the deeply dark swamps of the Deep Darkness, however, where a few species of dinosaurs kept refuge underground and thrived.

The dinosaurs were actually once assisted by man, rather, the tribes of Scaraba. They originally inhabited this lush wonderland, but they suddenly decided to leave through the Lumine Hall and see what other parts of the world await. These tribesmen were actually very technologically advanced and were able to leave chatty talking rocks to keep the dinosaurs company while they were on leave. Also, in order to make it out of this land and through the Deep Darkness, they took many of the luminous lichens from Lumine Hall and created the Hawk Eye.

These tribesmen visited many lands on their journey, and they were widely accepted as diplomats; in fact, they were given a sacred cloak by the Dalaamian people. This cloak was seen as a precious possession and was placed, along with many other treasures, in their secret underworld.

Eventually, the tribe of Scaraba decided it would be too difficult to continue the long treks back into this underworld and hid their Hawk Eye technology in a tomb on the surface, commonly referred to today as the Pyramid of Scaraba.

Later, a society of little creatures, the Tendas, came along. They lived as desert nomads until the evils of Giygas plagued the desert, making it hard for them to sustain life. They met some of the tribespeople that once took care of the dinosaurs in the Lost Underworld and were told of its safe haven. The Tendas, being an innocent society, migrated with the trust of the tribespeople to move to the land of dinosaurs.

The trek was long and hard, but the Tendas managed to make it across the sea and through the swamp fording the waters using random items they found in the desert: old TV sets, tin cans, phones, basically all the scrap that now sits in the Tenda Village. While many Tendas enjoyed the dinosaurs and managed to cage them off to create their "Dinosaur Cage," others were in utter fear at the sight of the dinosaurs and became very shy and silent from the traumatic experience.

That is how the Lost Underworld is today, basically, with surface Tendas in its location tending to the dinosaurs and the shy Tendas protecting the place on the surface. As for the Ego Orbs, well, some talking rocks became a little too proud of themselves...

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