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Dalaam Theory - by Absoltastic

Dalaam Theory

Well, according to the Japanese Mother 2 instruction book, there are three continents: Eagleland, where Onett is, Foggyland, the location of Winters, and Chommo, the place of Scaraba and the Deep Darkness. Dalaam, however, floats above somewhere between Foggyland and Chommo. I believe that the location of Dalaam is indefinite.It floats above the clouds and drifts with the clouds and does not remain in one geosynchronous spot. It may be over Eagleland one day, but it could possibly be over Winters the next.

I believe it has the power to float by means of the mysterious powers of the Pink Cloud. I mean, why else would you find such strange creatures like the soulful Tangoo or Conducting Spirit? Because of all of the electrical enemies located on the Pink Cloud, perhaps there is a secret mechanism run by natural electricity, or lightning, or maybe it's all some sort of magic. Some art depicts Dalaam as a place suspended by the spray of an elephant or just on top of a giant mountain, but that was merely concept art, making anything, including steampunk electricity or magic, fair game.

Perhaps it may also levitate by the power of flatulence. Flatulence, or farts, is not a far fetched subject in the world of Earthbound. Just look at the man meditating in Dalaam making PRRREEEEET POOOOOOTT noises. He is probably a town hero for being the source of flying energy. Also, the prince's name is Poo, giving the city even more of a fart-powered vibe.

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For the vector art portion of the Art Boot Camp. Infinitely scalable in other formats, so the pose can be as big or small as it needs to be, niceness guaranteed.
9/4/12 0.00
Absoltastic Dalaam Theory

Where is Dalaam in respect to the rest of the world, and how is it kept afloat in the sky?
5/24/12 0.00
Absoltastic Demonic Petunia
For the Pick an Enemy; Draw an Enemy collaboration.
7/16/12 0.00
Absoltastic Everdred Rollin' in the Bells
You know that if Everdred played Animal Crossing, he would be a Bellionaire, but he would still probably still be living in a tent. The life of a miserly cheapskate.
9/25/13 0.00
Absoltastic He Stares Into Your Soul
NOTE FOR CYAN OR WHOEVER MANAGES THIS SECTION: This is actually a video submission, but the file is probably much too large. Thus, I would have like to submit as a URL, but I can not find that option.

REAL DESCRIPTION: Recording of the classic Threed theme with authentic keyboard, clarinet, voice, and zombie recordings
10/31/12 0.00


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