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The Lost Underwater Underworld - by AtomHeartMother

The Lost Underwater Underworld

The Lost Underworld is really just Pangea from eons ago. The meteor that scientists say killed the dinosaurs and broke Pangea into the pieces we know now as the continents really just hit Pangea so hard that it was pushed underwater. Pangea then hit the ocean floor, and broke through. Most of the pieces broke off, forming the continents. But one small chunk actually hit the ocean floor so hard it broke through. Over time, as the land formed, pyramids were built in Scaraba, Lumine Hall was created, and the Monotoli building was recognized as the tallest building in Eagleland, the Lost Underworld created dinosaurs. Nobody knows why they came back: most people just assume that evolution occurred just like when Pangea was intact. The Lost Underworld had almost perfect living conditions for the dinosaurs. The land was covered in delicious plants for the herbivores, but what about the carnivores? The herbivores were great fighters that would swing their tail very hard or use a biting attack. The carnivores needed food before they died out.

When the meteor hit near Onett, more strange creatures were riding on it other than Buzz Buzz. The Mr. Saturns were passengers, as well as the Tendas. However, when the meteor was flying through Earth's atmosphere, these creatures were thrown off of the meteor. The Mr. Saturns landed in a valley just outside of Threed an established a civilization. The Tendas landed in the Deep Darkness, and soon found a cave within the swamp to call home. The Tendas noticed a strange hole in their cave. Some brave Tendas went down and discovered a strange wall where their thoughts were written on the wall. They found another hole, leading to the Lost Underworld. They explored the area here, but the small, defenseless Tendas were easy pickings for the carnivorous dinosaurs.

The brave Tendas never came back to the cave. When the Tendas sent some more brave explorers down to the Lost Underworld to see what had happened, they discovered a land filled with dinosaurs. These Tendas made it back alive, and warned the other Tendas to never go down that hole. They placed a giant rock over the hole. The Tendas were now incredibly shy, for they didn't know who - or what - was good or bad.

As for the talking rocks, some say that the Tendas become rocks when they die. They can still communicate with anybody, but they can't do anything. They just sit there.

The geysers in the Lost Underworld are most likely caused by leftover water from when Pangea went underwater. Since the Lost Underworld is under the ocean floor, you could imagine that it's very hot. In fact, there's a cave in the Lost Underworld that leads to a hot, volcanic area. The heat must cause the water to shoot out of the ground. However, nobody knows why the water can heal you. Perhaps it had to do with how the water was back when Pangea was whole.

Scientists have tried to explore the area for years, but the Tendas will not move the rock covering the entrance. But some people say that four children have been spotted in the Deep Darkness. Perhaps they can persuade the Tendas to overcome their shyness.

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