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Lost Underworld - by Rabid Dog

Lost Underworld

A long long time ago, back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, several of the more cunning dinosaurs became increasingly aware of a rapidly approaching meteor. Worried by this, they got together and began to dig a vast connection of subterrainian tunnels, until they had more or less, built a bomb shelter, which could keep them safe from the settling dust. The new place they created was soon populated by fluorescent lichen (much like the variety in Lumine Hall) than not only produce light, but also give off UV rays, allowing for plant life to grow. The dinosaurs also discovered that the closer proximity to the earth’s core kept them warmer and protected the for when the meteor actually impacted with the earth. When the meteor hit, the escape tunnel collapsed and eons of tectonic movements have created an impossible bubble under the earth’s crust. There is no entrance, except for a small area in between tectonic plates, found near the equator. There is no escape from the Lost Underworld that we know of.

By now, the smarter breeds of dinosaur have evolved or died off, leaving only a sad memory of the great beings who used to live there. Though their egos still remain…

Other Submissions by Rabid Dog

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Rabid Dog Backpack Switcheroo
Ness gets a big surprise when he sees Kazooie pop out of his backpack... Not as big as the one Banjo gets when he expects Kazooie to slow his descent!
10/20/05 0.00
Rabid Dog Blue, Blue Chant or How a Hue Can Subdue
On a boring Thursday afternoon, trading one monotonous thing for another can bring about self-revelation.
9/14/06 0.00
Rabid Dog Buzz Buzz
A bee I am... not!
10/10/05 8.00
Rabid Dog Carbon Dog
Only 57% ripped off from Klobber! (The other 43% is the talent which I lack...)
3/24/06 0.00
Rabid Dog Daemon Ex Machina
I made this for the (apparently non existant) Halloween Funfest 2011.

Pen and Ink. This would be my take on the final area of the game.
10/17/11 0.00


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