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Saturn's Secret - by Absoltastic

Saturn's Secret

Dr. Andonuts was temporarily living in the peaceful Saturn Valley. The Mr. Saturns there were so helpful to him that he decided to stay for a while.

When Porky kidnapped him to go to the future in the Nowhere Islands with him, he used so much energy that the Mr. Saturns came along, too, but Porky didn't notice. The Mr. Saturns began to rebuild their civilization in the Nowhere Islands secretly after simply walking away behind Porky's back, and they built an almost identical Saturn Valley in hopes of their dear professor or some heroes coming along again.

Other Submissions by Absoltastic

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Absoltastic Matt Brandl is Ness
I did this last year for fun one day. I don't have the official Shirtness, but it's the thought and cloning that matter.
7/6/13 0.00
Absoltastic Magicant Theory
Magicant. There is a place in both Mother 1 and 2 called Magicant, but are they the same place? Or the same manner of place? Or, is there something much more? What is the link between these two locales, and what is the nature of their existance?
1/4/12 0.00
Absoltastic He Stares Into Your Soul
NOTE FOR CYAN OR WHOEVER MANAGES THIS SECTION: This is actually a video submission, but the file is probably much too large. Thus, I would have like to submit as a URL, but I can not find that option.

REAL DESCRIPTION: Recording of the classic Threed theme with authentic keyboard, clarinet, voice, and zombie recordings
10/31/12 0.00
Absoltastic Zombie Ness
This was kind of fueled by being awake very late at night.
6/7/12 0.00
Absoltastic What is the Lost Underworld? Why is it filled with dinosaurs, and how was it formed?
What is the Lost Underworld? Why is it filled with dinosaurs, and how was it formed? (redundancy is one of my favorite things, so I reposted the theory topic)
12/27/11 0.00


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