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The Evil Spirit from Mu Training - by Borange

The Evil Spirit from Mu Training

If you have played Earthbound(which you probably have) , you might remember Mu Training. Remember the guy who would tear your body parts out and make you disabled?yeah,that creepy thing. Who is he? My theory is that this is somehow connected to Magicant. When Ness defeated the evil inside him, he became self aware of all his PSI powers, and became stronger. When Poo is done with his Mu training, he becomes stronger(yes I know it wasn't directly at the moment, but it most likely is linked)leveling up to around lv 18,and gained the ability to help out Ness. Why? He simply resisted the spirit. If you have been paying attention, then you will know that my point is that the spirit is the evil inside Poo. thank you for hearing me out, remember, chant your blue blue chant before bedtime.

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Borange The Evil Spirit from Mu Training
What is the evil spirit from Mu Training?
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