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The Decline of the Main Page - Part 2 - by qpringle1

The Decline of the Main Page - Part 2

Part Two. not to blame?

Other Submissions by qpringle1

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qpringle1 The Saturn-Tenda War
The once peaceful races of Mr. Saturn and Tenda were now at each others necks, or at least they would if they had any. The cause had been quickly forgotten, but the hatred remained. In fact, even now in 21XX they are still at war. They fight now in mechas, built for battle. This game is a top-down arena mecha game. For 1-2 players.
2/2/10 0.00
qpringle1 The Decline of the Main Page - Part 2
Part Two. not to blame?
3/2/12 0.00
qpringle1 The Decline of the Main Page - Part 1

Why haven't FanFics recieved any submissions in two weeks?
Why is the main page slowed becoming ignored?
What color is my socks?

Part one of an epic tale.
2/29/12 6.00
qpringle1 Runaway Five Theory
4/11/12 0.00
qpringle1 Cease to Exist
A remix of "Pokey Means Business" from EarthBound that I made in an hour and a half. Made in FL Studio and Audacity.
3/27/12 0.00


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