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A timeline musing - by SaturnStorm

A timeline musing

This theory was devised some years back, but is not a belief I hold solid. However, it provides a different look into how the timeline works within the series, so I have left it as-is for you, the readers, to judge. However this sort of thinking is that exact sort of flawed logic I find works better as fiction. If anyone else feels the same feel free to use it~~ I'd love to see what could be created....


Now that the trilogy has been released, to which they are all, apparently, unrelated, like parallel Universes, I have devised a different, more interesting theory. The second game, involving the Phase Distorter, opened up the realm of Time travel to the unsuspecting 'ficcers and EB theologists. Now, with Mother 3 featuring Pokey, Dr.Andonuts and Mr.Saturns... its time to figure out how it really works. =)


Mother 1 (EarthBound 0)
Mother 2 (EarthBound)
Mother 3 (EarthBoun 2?)

Who are we to assume otherwise? Human, that's what. Mother and Mother 2 seem to contain much of the same elements, and the only thing separating them is Giygas -- in Mother, he's an alien life-form in a spaceship. In Mother 2 he's an entity of pure maddening evil. This means he had to have fought Ninten before fighting Ness.

So here's a thought. What if they weren't at different times? Giygas was meant to be initiating his attack at a certain point in time, and that's when Buzz Buzz came and told Ness of the horrors of the future. So why did you never get to see Giygas? Well there are 2 ways that can go: 1: he was in the past. 2: he was on Mt.Itoi. Giygas would be initiating his invasion from atop the Island mountain, while Ninten is trying to find the melodies to push back Giygas... and Ness is collecting the Sanctuaries to stop him. This is why Pokey is taken into the ranks (as well as other reasons I'll touch upon later), so he can keep tabs on and distribute orders around EagleLand to keep the invasion going, and to try to hinder Ness if he gets too strong.

So let's look at the potential timeline:

The time that Giygas is to initiate his attack, is 199X. He sets himself up upon Mt.Itoi, upon an Island that separated long ago from mainland. From here, he begins his dictation of power across the World. First, he starts kidnapping adults from a town, so he can start experimenting on how the people of the World tick, which he takes from Youngtown. His influence spreads, and infects those with greed in their mind. Master Belch is created, and the Mani Mani statue is activated. Zombies lurk around Threed and Podunk, and Pokey awakens to a new level of darkness borne of his greed.

Now this would have gone unheeded, sans Ninten pushing Giegue back, and thus causing the horrifying future known 10 years on. However, then Buzz Buzz coasts along and crashes a meteorite into Onett, to tell Ness of his destiny. Pokey, after unsuccessfully trying to open the meteorite, takes Picky up there, then runs off 'scared', to get Ness to do the work for him.

Future Giygas, at this point still with a mind, realises something will affect his reign, and sends back one of the new Starman Jnr models, to stop the meddler. The Starman is stopped.

While Ness is told how he must stop Giygas once and for all, Ninten is learning of his PSI abilities as poltergeists and zombies attack Podunk. He rescues Pippi, and gets the canary back to its mother, and the future Giygas, having sent a Starman back to take care of Buzz Buzz, decides its probably worth stopping that runt, too, sending a different Starman Jnr, to try and take out that problem. Ninten saves the zoo, and gets the monkey's song, too.

From here, the future has been changed. No longer does the future Giygas have any influence. Everything else is done by the present Giygas.

The present Giygas, invading the World from that Island, realises he has trouble with Ninten going and collecting melodies, and breaks the train tracks, to prevent him from travelling from town to town. However one of the rocks doesn't quite break it, so he takes over Duncan's Factory, so Ninten wouldn't be able to activate the rocket on his own. At this point Ninten is entering Magicant, and slowly learning the true meaning of his fate.

Meanwhile in Onett, Ness is clearing his way through the Sharks, Giant Step, and the police force. The moment he starts taking on the Sharks, Giygas gets Pokey to move the statue to Happy Happy village, to activate the darkness in the already growing Happy Happy Movement. Paula is kidnapped while Ness is fighting the police department.

Basically, it all moves along like that. Ninten goes about and collects the melodies while Ness is running around collecting the Sanctuary locations, with Ninten defeating Giegue first. When Giegue is defeated, he retreats back, going to the past (thanks to Dr.Andonut's technology) and tries to regroup. Pokey, having also gained time-travel ability and a Spider mech, messes with Giegue's machine, and causes him to go totally insane. Pokey feeds him propaganda slander against Ness, until that's all Giygas can think about, and lashes out at him in the final battle. Giygas is defeated, and Pokey escapes to defeat Ness in a different time.

- - - - - - - -

Correlating Mother and Mother 2 is one thing, but how does Mother 3 fit into this? Simple. The way the game starts is actually before Mother and Mother 2's technological setting! 3 years on, and Pokey's influence later, technology is introduced to the land, in a common, yet grossly uncommon setting. So Mother 3 is after George and Maria, but before Mother 1 and 2. The fusion of animals, making the crazy different enemies you see in Mother 3, become the spawn for the totally off-the-wall enemies you see in Mother 1 and 2. Heck, Titanees are actually in Mother 3 and 1!

That raises another issue. Its all good and well saying "This goes there!" but how to prove that? Well, that's never easy. But here's a little something:

If you look at the World of Mother, and the World of Mother 3, are both closer to Islands than they are Countries. Not proof enough obviously. However, for this I think that part of the Island broke off to become its own Island, while the rest either crumbled, or maybe even became a part of Dalaam. Who knows. The first island, with the dark mountain, was mostly rural anyway, even after the Pig King got a hold of it. Once that influence is gone, there's a fair bit of farmland, and a fair bit of technology. The town that Lucas grew up in, the one to the south of the Island, became Reindeer. The one that was a factory, became Spookane. The cold part of the Island left from the white mountain, became Snowman. The north part of the Island, which you don't see much of anyway, became the rest of the World of Mother.

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