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Claus's System Failure - by Mercurial Magypsy

Claus's System Failure

A music inspired piece, inspired by Renard - System Failure.

One night, as the Masked Man's cybernetics are being recharged, the system fails. And all Claus can do is stay there helpless as his cybernetics go haywire, spraying plasma, causing horrible stress to his body, making the old scars from receiving the implants bleed again.

Other Submissions by Mercurial Magypsy

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Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: CH1 P14
m3symph - #14
It appears we have company, Masked Man.

Oh no.

It's HIM.


4/25/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P15
m3symph - #15
The Masked Man makes his move, throwing out PK Thunder. But, the boy's golden badge reflects it back, hitting the Masked Man with his own attack, and fueling his rage.

Gosh, drawing Masked Man rage faces is so much fun... ♥
4/28/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P16
m3symph - #16
The battle commences.

The man with the bum leg hurls a Wall Staple at the Masked Man, only for the Pigmask Commander to swat it away with his sword.

It begins... I'm writing a battle scene... cor blimey I'm terrible at fight scenes... atleast this gives me opportunity to practice.

Duster's throw looks wimpy in Panel 5 and Panel 7 looks distorted...
4/29/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P17
m3symph - #17
The blonde boy would have been struck by the deflected wall staple if the girl hadn't kicked it away. He thanks her for saving him from certain impalement, and she shoots a blast of PK Fire at the Masked Man.

Oh, ho-ho... music with heavy/loud basslines is so good to listen to when doing fight scenes (in my opinion). The whole time I drew this page I blasted "Azrael - And a Bottle of Rum". (I suggest giving it a listen if you like techno and loud bass ♥)
4/29/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P18
m3symph - #18
The Masked Man dodges Kumatora's PK Fire, and the Pigmasks cheer him on. He taunts the pink haired girl, only to be caught off guard by the man with the bum leg, who rushes up behind him and kicks him in the back, knocking him to the ground. Kumatora cheers for the crippled man.

Not much to say about this page except that Panel 5 looks a bit awkward to me...
5/3/12 0.00


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