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Mother 3: Symphony - Ch1 P6 - by Mercurial Magypsy

Mother 3: Symphony - Ch1 P6

m3symph - #06
~It feels like I fell asleep
And woke up in a nightmare
Fallen into a world of chaos
You're the reason that I'm here...~ (Lyrics from "Aviators and Omnipony - Monster")

Filled with anger towards the two figures, the Masked Man's grey void dreamscape starts turning blood red. Blue eyes turn red, skin splits and old scars reappear, and organic body parts turn mechanical.

He takes aim at the young blonde apparition, but it swiftly changes into a Needle, and a strange pink-haired ghost appears holding the Needle, sorrow filling her empty eyes. Two more similar ghosts appear before the Masked Man.

He is terrified and knows not what to do...

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Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P17
m3symph - #17
The blonde boy would have been struck by the deflected wall staple if the girl hadn't kicked it away. He thanks her for saving him from certain impalement, and she shoots a blast of PK Fire at the Masked Man.

Oh, ho-ho... music with heavy/loud basslines is so good to listen to when doing fight scenes (in my opinion). The whole time I drew this page I blasted "Azrael - And a Bottle of Rum". (I suggest giving it a listen if you like techno and loud bass ♥)
4/29/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P18
m3symph - #18
The Masked Man dodges Kumatora's PK Fire, and the Pigmasks cheer him on. He taunts the pink haired girl, only to be caught off guard by the man with the bum leg, who rushes up behind him and kicks him in the back, knocking him to the ground. Kumatora cheers for the crippled man.

Not much to say about this page except that Panel 5 looks a bit awkward to me...
5/3/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P19
m3symph - #19
The Masked Man unfurls his mechanical wings and prepares to attack Duster from the air.

Wiiiiiings~~~!!!! 8D
5/3/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P20
m3symph - #20
The Masked Man tries to stab Duster with his sword as he dive-bombs, but the blonde boy pushes Duster out of the way, saving him.

But that doesn't stop the blonde boy from being hit. The sword's blade slices his shoulder; it doesn't sever his arm, but it leaves a deep, painful gash behind.

Ooh... ouch. That's gotta hurt.
5/6/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P21
m3symph - #21
The Pigmasks continue to cheer on the Masked Man, seemingly excited by the shedding of the blonde's blood... that is, except for Laurah. Laurah suddenly has this feeling that something is wrong with what she sees.

The Masked Man continues to cut the blonde, enjoying the pain he causes him. But Kumatora defends the boy by shocking the Masked Man with her PK Thunder.

And wait... did she just say... that the boy's name is Lucas?

Okay guys, something is seriously wrong with me today. I normally listen to something loud and at least sort of angry sounding when writing fight scenes, as it helps me feel the mood of it.

But not tonight.

I listened to fricking Enya. ENYA. Enya is not fight music, her music is like... magic and enchantment and emotion, not KILL DESTROY BLAAAARGH.

What is wrong with me tonight.
5/7/12 0.00


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