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Shrooom! - by smokinthekraken


Drawing done for the Pick/Draw-An-Enemy thread. Shrooom does a mashroomizing attack while his cohorts look on, trying acting hard

Other Submissions by smokinthekraken

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smokinthekraken Nessbot 9000
Robot Ness faces Giygas.
2/10/05 8.00
smokinthekraken Kraken
Fan Art of the Week winner! 2 Oct 2006

The gang fighting Kraken.
2/10/05 10.00
smokinthekraken Rainy Circle: We Made It
Pic of the EB gang minus Poo reveling in the defeat of Shrooooom and reaching the Rainy Circle just beyond. Perhaps even feeling a little high from recently being mashroomized a few dozen times.

Done in Colored Pencil.
7/16/10 0.00
smokinthekraken Thunder & Lightning
Thunder & Lightning pic. Although the guardians in the game are very simplistic (my guess is to give the sense of purity) I thought I’d make them a little more decorative and menacing.
12/6/10 0.00
smokinthekraken Runaway Five Plus Three
Rockwellian style colored pencil drawing of the Runaway Five and our EB crew (minus Poo, of course) during their travels between Threed and Fourside.
4/29/12 0.00


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