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Are Ninten and Ness relate? - by PKMechaMinawa

Are Ninten and Ness relate?

It's a question that has plagued the fandom for quite some time and has been disputed by many. The theory of these two heroes being related normally stems from the belief that Ninten and Ana are Ness's parents. To most newcomers to the fandom this seems logical and they accept it but in reality that is quite impossible.

A big fact people seem to miss, although understandable since it's not stated in the game, Ninten and Ana are both only twelve years old. Ana is quite a religious girl to have sex before marriage would go against what she taught, Ana is more likely to wait until she's married. Nonetheless, at that age the body is not ready to crate a child.

Another missed detail is that EarthBound takes a possible maximum of ten years after the events of MOTHER and with Ness at age thirteen, going on fourteen. It is impossible for a boy like Ninten to father a thirteen year old son in less than ten years. This is the final nail in the coffin of the Ninten is Ness's father theory (As well in the Lloyd is Jeff's father, for he is a whole year younger than Ninten and Ana, but that's another story.).

But, this does not disprove that the two could be related, only that they cannot be father and son. Another thought is that they could brothers but that is also out of the picture, after all, why is there never any mention of either boy in each other's game? Even if making Ness Ninten's brother an after thought there's a distinct lack of Ninten's twin sisters Mimmie and Minnie in Ness's household in EarthBound.

It seems more likely that the two boys are cousins. The family tree of Ninten's family is rather vague leaving it up to the player to fill blanks if they so desire to. While we're aware that George and Maria had to have a child before disappearing, who in turn becomes Ninten's grandfather. Neither fathers are seen in game but there is nothing to disprove they look like or that they could even be identical twins and sons to Ninten's Grandfather. While both men married two beautiful blond women (Ninten's father marrying a good number of years ahead of Ness's), its quite obvious they take after the father of the household which very well could giving the boy's their similar appearances.

In the end, it's up to the player to decide if the heroes are related or not, but if they chose to believe they are the most logical answer is cousins.

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