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Items are Gold - by CerealQueen

Items are Gold

People of the EarthBound world commonly wonder why enemies carry such odd items. Where did this bomb come from? How about this sword? Did you steal that pizza?
The answer behind the mystery: Giygas. He easily collected all these items together and gave them to some of his minions.
“Take good care of it,” he had said. “They will be useful when the time comes.”
“What time?” they would ask.
“Just hold it dear with your life. I have a master plan and I need you to hold it. I trust you.”
With this, his minions did what he asked, feeling proud. Master Giygas had given them an important job, directly. Surely, their master would be proud of them.

Now, what his minions did not realize was the fact that he had no plan. You see, Giygas’ heart became cold due to the prior game and he longer needed love, rather, he craved death. He knew Ness and his friends would make it to him and he never thought his minions would be able to stop him. True, they were able to slow the four down, but defeating the enemies only made them stronger. If they had never had a battle and fought Giygas then, surely he would win. Yet, he did not want that.
Giygas wanted to die. He knew they could easily avoid his minions, but he gave them items to lure them in, so they would fight to get even stronger. He wanted to insure his death.
True, this was a sacrifice of his minions, but he did not care. At the same time, his twisted thoughts craved death and he enjoyed even his followers dying. He would smile when the bat bashed their head in or if one caught on fire. He became so twisted his body gave in and he became nothing but a thick red mist of death.
The enemies did not know this, so they guarded the item with their lives. Those sneaky crows like to eat their item, a Cookie. They constantly stole other items to compensate, but Giygas was most glad to see these crows die. He hated them.
Ness did exactly as Giygas wanted, even if he did not think so. He went after the prize, even if it meant killing a living weaker being in the process. Ness and his friends went on to kill Giygas, just as he wanted.
Enemies died in the process, all because of these items, but who is the real monster?

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CerealQueen Being Friends
1/1/13 10.00
CerealQueen Blossom
1/1/13 0.00
CerealQueen Insanity
Will you be able to figure out what is real and what is only an illusion? This story has deeper meanings to things and symbolism you may not pick up on unless you look. Also, I used poor witty comparisons and jokes. All in all, I hope you enjoy.
10/30/12 0.00
CerealQueen Items are Gold
Giygas gave items to his minions because he wished to see them all die.
9/7/12 0.00
CerealQueen Mournful Child
This is something I wrote for a Monthly Prompt Topic. It contains many Mother 3 end spoilers.
11/19/12 0.00


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