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Blue Blue Paula - by Lucas_Claus

Blue Blue Paula

It's a blue, blue marathon! I'll probably do Jeff and Poo, too :)

Other Submissions by Lucas_Claus

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Lucas_Claus Fuzzy Pickles
Oh geez, I haven't submitted anything in a while...I haven't had access to my scanner, and it's hard for me to draw on Paint...
Anyway! This one came out rather nicely and I like it. I was also practicing my Korean. Enjoy!
9/27/12 0.00
Lucas_Claus Guardian Digger
For Pick an Enemy, Draw an Enemy.
11/5/12 0.00
Lucas_Claus Hahaha You're Ram Attacks Won't Work Against Me, Lucas
This took me all day to finish, but I am very pleased with it.
10/26/12 0.00
Lucas_Claus Halloween Funfest
Sorry for the unoriginal title.
This may sound bizarre, but I got the background by closing my eyes, humming the eight melodies (EB) to myself, and randomly doodling. When the song was done, I opened my eyes, and that's what I got.
10/2/12 0.00
Lucas_Claus Halloween Funfest 2012
...It's Smilin' Sam. That's all I've got to say.
11/5/12 0.00


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