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Mother 3 Comic Page 085 - by NintendoPixel

Mother 3 Comic Page 085

m3pixel - #85
Goofy page.

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Yeah, yeah, they're out in the middle of nowhere, I get that! Anyway, Lucas is (Earthbound) Tessie, Claus is Santa, and Fuel is the ULTIMATE CHIMERA!
10/2/12 0.00
NintendoPixel NintendoPixel-01.png
Who can find the guy responsible for the blue letters?!
10/1/12 0.00
NintendoPixel A Letter to Flint
This is my first time submitting a non-pixel picture. It shows Hinawa sending Flint a letter.
7/30/12 0.00
NintendoPixel Mother 3 Comic Page 085
m3pixel - #85
Goofy page.
11/8/13 0.00
NintendoPixel Mother 3 Comic Page 084
m3pixel - #84
11/7/13 0.00


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