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That one Mr Saturn - by CommentBound

That one Mr Saturn

MrSaturn was a one-of-a-kind Mr Saturn. He wanted to go out. Not because of adventure, but because of the Saturn Valley, and how confusing it was. All of MrSaturn's friends looked the same, spoke the same and did everything the same way! MrSaturn left the Valley, out to explore the Mr Saturn-free world out there. He wanted to be noticed, being able to stand out from the Mr Saturns. The one place that stood out the most, was of course, Happy Happy Village. Painted a bright blue, it could be seen standing out from the rest of Eagleland. MrSaturn moved there and lived in a bright red house, hoping to be noticed by the Happy-Happyist cult who would paint him blue. Somehow, some way, the Happy Happyists didn't notice the bright red house and didn't paint it. MrSaturn lived there, until Ness came along and beat Carpainter up. All the houses were suddenly reverted back to their original colors, but lone MrSaturn still lives there, hoping for himself to be painted, hoping to be noticed someday.


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CommentBound That one Mr Saturn
One of the many reasons why there's a Mr Saturn in the Happy Happy Village (The Mr Saturn in the Happy Happy Village will be called MrSaturn, so that we can tell the difference).
3/21/14 0.00


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