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Trick or Treat Kid's Worst Halloween - by ShadowX

Trick or Treat Kid's Worst Halloween

Trick or Treat Kid's Worst Halloween - Fluke

Other Submissions by ShadowX

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ShadowX Ness (4) - Otakon '09
Another Ness with a Mr. Saturn! And that is one awesome bat! Must be to protect all that great fan art. (and if you look close, you can find a packing slip)
7/21/09 0.00
ShadowX Ness (5) - Otakon '09
A real Ness wears his cap sideways. (And eats his chocolate bars sideways as well, just like Doc Louis)
7/21/09 0.00
ShadowX Ness (6) - Otakon '09
Strike a pose Ness! Could this be the new "it" pose of the year?
7/21/09 0.00
ShadowX Ness (7) - Otakon '09
The classic Ness pose. And if you've noticed, red is the favorite shoe color choice of Ness fans everywhere.
7/21/09 0.00
ShadowX Ness (9) - Otakon '09
This final Ness enjoys his music with some hi-fi headphones.
7/22/09 0.00


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