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Doseisan vs Giygas Pumpkin - by Chrissii

Doseisan vs Giygas Pumpkin


Other Submissions by Chrissii

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Chrissii Chosen Sims
Made these a few weeks ago but kept forgetting to submit... *smacks forehead* Yes, I am aware that Poo looks like Eminem. <_< There's no male ponytail. Or, you know.... kung fu outfit.
7/2/09 0.00
Chrissii Doseisan vs Giygas Pumpkin
4/2/05 9.00
Chrissii Earthbound Figures
My first few attempts at using modeling clay. I used Paperclay for these, wasn't terribly thrilled with it though, it's hard to hold together! Gonna try buying some Sculpey next :3 Oh, and that's not a turd Ness is holding.. It's the butt-end of his baseball bat he's got on his shoulder. :P
5/31/08 0.00
Chrissii Earthbound Swag
My humble EB collection... I love my keyrings! Only thing not pictured is the Mother 2 OST, it's somewhere in a big box of CDs that I transferred to my iPod. :P
5/31/08 0.00
Chrissii I'll Be Home Soon
Ness heading out on his journey, while his proud mom sees him off.
3/8/08 9.00


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