Funfest Videos:

Halloween Related

  • John Carpenter's EB Halloween

    John Carpenter's EarthBound Halloween (2006)
    by jeffmaxwell

    Old EarthBound cartridge attacks!

  • Nimbus Halloween

    Halloween in Eagleland (2006)
    by Nimbus

    It's Halloween in Eagleland; Ness and Tracy head over to Paula's house for a party.

  • EarthBound Supremacy 2

    EarthBound Supremacy 2
    by Libra

    A musical montage of EB scenes, with a horror theme.

  • Apple In Back

    The Tale of the Apple in Back
    by Nimbus

    A frightening Halloween tale involving Apple Kid.

  • Threed Beethoven

    Threed to Beethoven's 5th
    by ardwickofonett

    An awesome animated journey set to a classic Beethoven tune.

  • Party Mango

    Ness's Halloween Party
    by Sebastian

    Claymation ahoy! Ness throws a party!

  • Lucas Mango

    Lucas of the Dead
    by Bonehimer

    A hilarious parody of the 'Shawn of the Dead' trailer.

  • Spelunking Mango

    The Spelunking of Osohe Castle
    by eyes5

    The MOTHER3 cast goes trick-or-treating.

  • ThreeD Mango

    Threed 3D
    by CSwavely

    The entire town of Threed recreated in glorious 3D.

Winter Holiday Related

  • I Am EarthBound

    I Am EarthBound (2006)
    by xfisjmg1

    A life-size EarthBound cartridge comes to life to sing a rap song about itself.

  • EB No Matsuri

    EB No Matsuri (2005)
    by xfisjmg1

    A entry for's 2005 Holiday Funfest. It is about the fictional holiday of the same name.

  • EarthBound Kid

    EarthBound Kid (2006)
    by jeffmaxwell

    What a lucky little dude.

  • Jeff Maxwell Matsuri

    Holiday Funfest 2006 EB No Matsuri
    by jeffmaxwell

    Don't ask a regular man to do an Annual Gift Man's job.

  • Candy Onett

    Candy Onett Documentary
    by Libra

    Behind the scenes of Libra's Holiday Funfest 2006 entry, Candy Onett.



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