/EarthBound: Season 1:

/earthbound is a live-action public stunt series that puts EarthBound into the real world, whether the real world wants it there or not.

Season One

  • Hint Sign

    Hint Sign
    by xfisjmg1

    The first EarthBound-related video we ever created. The Hint Man comes to town, trying to sell his services.

  • Burger Trash

    Burger Trash
    by xfisjmg1

    Stephen takes a lesson from Ness and searches local trash cans in search of food.

  • Mushroomized

    by xfisjmg1

    It looks like our hero has been mushroomized... how will he escape the public embarrassment?

  • A Bee I Am

    A Bee I Am
    by xfisjmg1

    Buzz Buzz has come to town looking for the chosen four... you may be one of the chosen ones.

  • Mach Pizza

    Mach Pizza
    by xfisjmg1

    The Mach Pizza Delivery Man has a pie he’s trying to get to Ness and his friends... where could they be?

  • Zombie Paper

    Zombie Paper
    by xfisjmg1

    Just when the urban zombies think it’s okay to come out, someone lays out some Zombie Paper... great.

  • Blue Blue

    Blue Blue
    by xfisjmg1

    Uh-oh. Looks like the Happy Happyists are coming to town... and they’re recruiting!

  • Far Out

    Far Out
    by xfisjmg1

    The New Age Retro Hippie appears! Looks like he’s got a toothbrush and a ruler... this should be interesting...

  • Tessie Sightings

    Tessie Sightings
    by xfisjmg1

    The Tessie Watcher club has always been unsuccessful in finding this beast... until now.

  • Fuzzy Pickles

    Fuzzy Pickles
    by xfisjmg1

    The infamous EarthBound cameraman wants you to smile and say “fuzzy pickles!”

/EarthBound: Season 2:

Season Two

  • Exit Mouse

    Exit Mouse
    by xfisjmg1

    Are you having trouble finding the exit? This mouse is here to help!

  • Slot Bros

    Slot Brothers
    by xfisjmg1

    What’s this? Pincho, Pancho, and Thomas Jefferson have appeared in Myrtle Beach!

/earthbound - Other:

Other EarthBound Stunts

  • Bring Lucas To America

    Bring Lucas To America
    by xfisjmg1

    In this live action video (reminiscent of earlier /earthbound works), Ness tells people the story of how his father won't let his little brother Lucas come to America, and is trying to get petition signatures in hopes that it will help.



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