Miscellaneous Videos:

  • New Pork City - Release Trailer
    by KidsSerge

    The Brawl models are imported, the limo interior is fully modeled, and we're all set to leave for New Pork City! This trailer announces the official release of the Garry's Mod map that's been a long time coming. If you want a closer look at the city itself, please watch the teaser trailer. This video is meant to show the changes since then and provide links for downloads. Thanks for watching, and enjoy!

  • New Pork City - Teaser
    by KidsSerge

    This is the first publicly released footage of my New Pork City map. Its created for use in Aska and Fluxmage's Garry's Mod game-mode, "Ultimate Chimera Hunt".

  • Bound4Earth Episode 1: The Party
    by Mother123TV

    Jeff decides to throw a party, only he plans it at Ness's house.

  • Summers 3D
    by CSwavely

    Earthbound's Summers recreated in 3D.

    Custom audio was arranged by Vinicius Kleinsorgen.

  • Twoson 3D
    by CSwavely

    Earthbound's Twoson recreated in 3D.

    Custom audio was arranged by Vinicius Kleinsorgen.
    Completed in one week.

  • Fourside 3D
    by CSwavely

    Earthbound's Fourside recreated in 3D.

    Audio is from the orchestral game concert album.

  • DM-Cave of the Past
    by CSwavely

    Earthbound's Cave of the Past recreated in 3D.

    Download DM-Cave of the Past here:

  • DM-Happy Happy Halloween
    by CSwavely

    Earthbound's Happy Happy Village recreated in 3D with a Halloween twist.

    Download DM-Happy Happy Halloween here:

  • Ness (and Jeff) and Poo Do the Cinnamon Challenge
    by Stevesesy

    The newest challenge pays homage to EarthBound’s condiment system as Ness (and Jeff) and Poo Do the Cinnamon Challenge. There isn’t vomiting this time so it is a better to watch. In the end though, they still lose about 6 HP. Filmed in a backyard somewhere in Southern Virginia.

  • Ness (and Jeff) Meet Poo
    by Stevesesy

    In Ness (and Jeff) Meet Poo, Ness (and Jeff) are back in Summers and waitin’ for a new friend to stop by. In no time, Poo joins the party bringing “Mirror” skills, karate kills, and Teleportation. Fun times to be had. Filmed one REALLY hot night in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

  • Threed, alternate ending
    by AtomicBottle

    This is a short cartoon I made for the Halloween funfest on
    Most people will probably not get this.

  • Ninten Uses The "B button"
    by PigMaskProductions

    When MOTHER was translated to english for it's american release, a "running" feature was added which could be activated by holding down the B button while moving on the overworld map.
    I wonder if they ever took into consideration that Ninten had Asthma...

  • Hands On: EarthBound (NES) Prototype
    by ClanOfTheGrayWolf

    An in-depth look at one of the rarest prototype cartridges in existence. Click here for Part 2!

  • PK Tube'N :: EarthBound Rap
    by spikeyguy777

    A quick lil earthbound rap song i threw to try and make the PK Tube'n contest deadline xD

  • Winters White opening
    by CRLproductions

    The opening to my entry to the HF 2009 no wait scratch that...2010!

  • Mother 3 Saga trailer
    by CRLproductions

    I got around to making a trailer!

  • Aloiddin
    by skrcha

    Um... Aladdin meets Loids Are Not Christmas. If you don't know what Loids Are Not Christmas is, go here:

  • Ninten (and Loid) Play Chess
    by Stevesesy

    Ninten (and Loid) play a nice, friendly game of chess. Loid cheats.

  • Ness (and Jeff) Save the Ball
    by Stevesesy

    Jeff loses the ball (as expected) and so it is up for Ness to save the ball. They start out on an epic quest and end up in a random battle. Stoopid random battles...

  • Ness (and Tony) Save Summer(s) (and Jeff)
    by Stevesesy

    Ness, Jeff, and Jeff's weirdo friend, Tony go out to Summers to enjoy their summer vacation from school! Little do they know that trouble is right under the surface of the placid green, grey waters! Jeff gets fishnapped and all hell breaks loose.

  • Ness (and Jeff) in Summers
    by Stevesesy

    A prequel to this!

  • 16-Bit Gems: EarthBound - The Review
    by ClanOfTheGrayWolf

    A very in-depth review of Earthbound. If you ever wanted to convince someone to play the game, this review will do the trick!
    Parts Two and Three!

  • 16-Bit Gems: EarthBound - A History
    by ClanOfTheGrayWolf

    An incredible series of videos that looks at Earthbound's history—an absolute must-see that helps explain everything you could ever want to know!
    Parts Two and Three!

  • Earthbound Mental Relapse Preview
    by gaminggod90

    5 Years ago Ness defeated Giygas and the world was saved. But you thought that was the end of the story did you? WRONG! There's much more to be told. This is the untold story of what happened after...

  • Giygas 2.5
    by gaminggod90

    Just another updated version of Giygas 2.0 with even more scariness. So get ready to get scared and wet your pants! Enjoy!


  • Mother 3 Salsa/Wess Dance
    by gaminggod90

    This is me doing a remake of my Wess Dance Attempt video with a little added Bonus. This time not only am i doing the Wess Dance From Mother 3 but this time im ALSO doing the Salsa Dance. Get ready to laugh your freaking butt off.... Enjoy.

  • MM VS KoD The Battle Of Brothers
    by gaminggod90

    This is the mother 3 battle between me and my brother MM. For the record I am KoD.

    Parts 2 and 3

  • How To Get Into The Debug Room
    by gaminggod90

    Hello everyone! GG90 is back and this time I'm showing you exactly how to get access to the Debug Room in The English Version of Mother 3. I hope this helps someone..

  • Mother 3 Wes Dance Attempt
    by gaminggod90

    This is my entry for the Funky Monkey Dance COntest. I made modifications on Adobe Premiere Elements. Enjoy.

  • Giygas Voice
    by gaminggod90

    This is my attempt at Giygas Voice. Enjoy.

  • Things Are A Changin' -- 2nd Ep.
    by thirstycityfilms

    The second episode of Dusty Road to Destiny is live and ready for your personal viewing. Follow the Hawthorne Trio as they wrap up the work day checking in with their boss, Galveston Tumbleweed. How will he react to the news of Ness and Paula's big jackpot winnings? Watch and find out!

  • Earthbound Episode 4 Trailer #2
    by Brushguy

    Ridgway Films' Christmas present to our YouTube subscribers - a new trailer for Earthbound Episode 4, which is now going to be coming out February 28, 2010.

  • Mother 3 Handbook MasterCard Commercial
    by nessnomar

    A parody of the Master Card commercials, PURE IMPROV!!!

  • Mother 4 Trailer (MK 1 Without Narration)
    by SconnerStudios

    A fan-made trailer for the upcoming fangame, Mother 4. (More information about Mother 4 can be located here).

  • Mother Intro
    by blkhatRaven

    The title screen of Mother 1 rendered in 3D. I'm actually pretty happy with how this turned out, except for some issues with the Earth's rotation at around 00:59. Seriously, I can't figure out why it's skipping like that.

  • Earthbound Title
    by blkhatRaven

    A 3D rendering of the title sequence of Earthbound, done in Blender

  • Mr Saturn And Me
    by blkhatRaven

    The reason why earthbound is the greatest video game ever

  • Robot Dance Party
    by MohEpa

    Its a party!

  • Pilot Episode - Dusty Road to Destiny
    by thirstycityfilms

    Now presenting our first episode of our featured web series "Dusty Road to Destiny" starring the Hawthorne Trio. We hope that you enjoy it! If you don't know exactly what Earthbound is, we have posted a video giving you a general idea, so check it out!

  • LanC Comic #2
    by kuruzen and xfisjmg1

    Episode two of Loids are not Christmas in comic format. Comic created entirely by kuruzen, video by xfis.

  • kevinchai and Andross: Mother 2 CM 3
    by kevinchizai

    kevinchai and Andross perform the third commercial. With help from their sister, Kaley.

  • kevinchai and Andross: Mother 2 CM 2
    by kevinchizai

    kevinchai and Andross perform the second commercial. By the way, that's not a real Mother 2. It's made of paper.

  • kevinchai and Andross: Mother 2 CM 1
    by kevinchizai

    kevinchai and Andross perform the original commercial

  • Anton's Earthbound Birthday Party 2009
    by Brushguy

    It's time for Anton's birthday party! This year, it was Earthbound-themed, complete with a trash can item hunt, a Mach Pizza relay race, and some bat-swinging action!

  • Polestar Pre-School 3D (Earthbound Fan Art)
    by ElfKitty

    Polestar Pre-School, from the SNES game Earthbound, created in the style of Silent Hill. Enjoy ;D

  • Giygas Lair 3D (EarthBound Fan Art)
    by ElfKitty

    This is my own 3D version of the Giygas Lair in Earthbound (SNES), the greatest game ever made. :D

    I get a lot of questions about how I made this, so here's a quick explanation: I studied the original area in the game, and made sketches to think about how it might be formed in 3D. I used Maya to block out some shapes and do some further thinking on the subject. This was a quite a challenge, but I'm very happy with the result! All of the modeling and animation was done in Maya as well.

  • Magicant 3D (EarthBound Fan Art)
    by ElfKitty

    This is my version of the final area of Magicant before the Sea of Eden, from EarthBound (SNES).

    This was all created in Maya. :)

  • Mother Saga, Chapter I - The Poltergeist
    by ToxicMarsFarm

    The reason for the darkness is because certain clips are darker when we upload them onto the computer than when we see it on our camera. Also the reason some stuff dont match up is because what good is an adaption where youre just going to plagiarize everything from the original? So take this episode/chapter that took us about 53 days/7 weeks to finish for what its worth.

  • Ness (and Jeff) do the Gallon
    by Nintendo0fAmerica

    Ness (and Jeff)'s newest adventure as they take on milk in a dramatic reenactment of Stevesesy's favorite part of the Earthbound game, the infamous "Gallon Challenge". Will they win? Will they DIE?! WATCH AND FIND OUT!

  • zomg trailer

    The True Voice of Giygas
    by ZER0tooHER0


    I put my heart and soul into this voice. Not that my soul is a swirling pure embodiment of evil or anything...

    Scary stuff. Video ripped by me. If you're wondering, this is a video about EarthBound (aka MOTHER2). All copyright goes to Nintendo and Shigesato Itoi.

  • zomg trailer

    Earthbound Episode 3 Trailer #2
    by Brushguy

    IThe second trailer for the epic third episode of Earthbound.

  • zomg zombi

    Tales of the PseudoZombi
    by Stafy

    Inspired in part by my brother's complaints about this particular PseudoZombi, and the wonderful Marvel publication Tales of the Zombie I took to drawing a picture to captivate the essence of this PseudoZombi. But, I figured this could make a dramatic and dire storyline, so I should narrate a video in a faux creepy voice to drive the point home. If you couldn't tell, this is not serious fiction. Ha ha ha :).

  • zomg giants

    Giant Mr Saturn Unboxing
    by nekoaitsu

    This is a video of me taking my giant Mr. Saturn plush out of the box for the first time. I was very excited, so I sound kind of silly.

  • zomg mlikdddu

    Milkdudd fights an Ultimate Chimera!
    by super3dcow

    World of Warcraft and Mother 3 collide!

  • zomg steve cake

    Magic Cake
    by Stevesesy

    Ness eats cake, stuff happens, I lose what little dignity I had left.

  • EarthBound Episodes 3 trailer

    Earthbound Episode 3 Trailer
    by Brushguy

    The trailer for the upcoming episode three of Earthbound.

  • LanC Comic 1

    LanC Comic #1
    by kuruzen and xfisjmg1

    Episode one of Loids are not Christmas in comic format. Comic created entirely by kuruzen, video by xfis.

  • FaB Comic 1

    FaB Comic #1
    by xfisjmg1

    Episode one of Fobbies are Borange in comic format. Comic created by Matilda_Caboose, eyes5 and Frau Landers.

  • ness house 3d

    Ness House 3D Second Floor
    by TheFlicky

    A model of Ness's house 2nd floor.

  • pokemond slvr

    Earthbound themed Motorola Slvr
    by dyskaryote

    Earthbound is the greatest RPG ever.

  • Where ss Ness Now?

    Where is Ness Now?
    by Mechanodroid

    A mockumentary on what happened to Ness after Earthbound. I had lots of fun making this. It does have some endgame spoilers for Earthbound. I hope you guys enjoy it!

  • Shota Shorts

    EB Shota Shorts
    by lewahi

    A bunch of EarthBound shorts! Sadly there is a mistake in the audio, so at one point near the end the audio completely cuts out. Other than it, please enjoy!

  • zomglol

    Runaway Dreams: The Runaway Five Story
    by msprout

    An inside look into the beginning and end of Eagleland's most famous traveling jazz band, the Runaway Five.

  • zomglol

    EarthBound Takes A Coffee Break
    by wearingthehatofshame

    Earthbound (the game) takes a coffee break.

  • zomglol

    Drawing Mother 2
    by socha00

    Shows the progress of a Mother 2 drawing.

  • zomglol

    Kamek vs. the Ultimate Chimera
    by eiremoonblossom

    Kamek fights the Ultimate Chimera!

  • gonjo

    EarthBound Points
    by yurugu3

    The chosen four shaking it and pointing their fingers or something.

  • gonjo

    Random MOTHER Dancing and Things
    by yurugu3

    This is pretty wacky. MOTHER 3 SPOILERS MAYBE

  • Tonzura

    by yurugu3

    The Tonzura brothers are here to impress.

  • Ronald

    Go To McDonald's

    McDonald's + Giygas = scary. (Warning: do not watch if you have a fear of clowns.)

  • Ness VS Cop

    Ness VS Overzealous Cop
    by lewahi

    Ness fights an Overzealous Cop in Onett.

  • Mother 4

    Mother 4
    by thecool1168

    Ness finds himself rescued from the depths of space by a Jedi known as Jedimann.

  • EarthBound 64 Tribute

    EarthBound 64 Tribute
    by Turk_Ranma

    A special tribute to EarthBound 64.

  • Ness SSBM Animation

    Ness in Super Smash Bros. Melee
    by JosseGP

    A very cool animation that shows Ness beating the snot out of the other Melee characters.

  • SSBB Trailer

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl Animated Trailer
    by Kine (Animation) & nintendoitright (Video Editor)

    A combination of animation and editing talent show what it would be like if Mother 3's Flint were to be a new character.

  • Mr. Saturn Sings

    Mr. Saturn sings Pollyanna-I Believe In You
    by 1106456919

    The title really says it all.

  • pollyanna

    Pollyanna Misheard Lyrics
    by Naxace

    This guy had some hard times understanding what the lyrics to Pollyanna were saying, so he decided to let the world know what he heard with this video.

  • mother trilogy

    The Mother Trilogy Fanmade Ad
    by BradRedfield

    The original Mother commercial remade using scenes from Mother 2. Originally created for EB Siege.

  • revolution

    The Nintendo Revolution
    by Orchardvi11e

    An incredible must-see fan video created for the Nintendo Video contest. You will not expect the ending.

  • enter starmen

    Enter The Starman
    by lewahi

    The classic Starman Jr. fight is brought to life... in the daylight! When you're done, why not watch the blooper reel?

  • Ness Speed Painting

    Ness - Speed Painting
    by Kayleth

    Ness is painted very quickly.

  • Cultist Speed Painting

    Insane Cultist - Speed Painting
    by Kayleth

    A Happy Happyist is painted very quickly.

  • ebtechno

    EB Techno
    by Jeff Maxwell

    Ness in many EarthBound areas, trying to give you a seizure.

  • huzzah

    Ness Vs. Skate Punk
    by SMAASHNess

    Ness is walking through Onett when a Skate Punk comes outta nowhere.

  • huzzah

    Linerider in Fourside
    by ball730178

    The Linerider rides through Fourside.

  • huzzah

    MOTHER 3 Anime Video
    by niconico douga

    A really cool short anime-ish MOTHER 3 video, very professional looking.

  • huzzah EB Siege - Envelope Art Video
    by xfisjmg1

    All of the artwork received for the EB Siege is shown with cool EB tunes playing in the background. That dude in the orange shirt is Jonk :D

  • huzzah

    Tribute To Claus
    by BubblemanNsider

    A tribute to Claus from MOTHER 3.

  • Onett 3D
    by CSwavely

    Earthbound's Onett recreated in 3D.

  • huzzah

    Mother Saga Chapter 1-1
    by 0LimeLight0

    If you liked "EarthBound Saga", you'll love this, featuring Mother 1 instead of EB.

  • huzzah

    Mother Saga Chapter 1-2
    by 0LimeLight0

    This is the next exciting episode of Mother Saga, following where part 1-1 left off.

  • huzzah

    Hippie Battle
    by AstarFilmsProduction

    Ever wonder what happens when you fight a hippie in EarthBound? Check this out!

  • huzzah

    Mother Girls Dance
    by yurugu3

    Paula, Ana and Kumatora dance.

  • huzzah

    Lucas and Claus Dance
    by yurugu3

    Lucas and Claus dance.

  • huzzah

    Poo and Ness Dance
    by n78nan

    Poo and Ness dance.

  • huzzah

    Giegue and Pokey Dance
    by iuhnvc

    Giegue and Pokey dance.



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