EarthBound Player's Guide Errors:

EarthBound was obviously a unique game from the moment people first laid eyes on it. It came packaged in a giant box in order to store an equally unique player's guide. In addition to clay models, newspaper clippings, adverts, and scratch n' sniff cards, the EarthBound player's guide also includes many errors. Most are simply the result of creating the guide before the localization changes between Mother 2 and EarthBound were done. Others are just the result of poor information or overlooked mistakes. Whatever the case, all of the guide's errors are listed here.

Mother 2 Remnants:

Page 0: The Runaway 5 are dressed in black suits.

Page 10: Ramblin' Evil Mushroom is referred to as "Walking Mushroom."

Page 12: Ness is suffering from "Sniffling" instead of "Cold" and has the MOTHER 2 cold icon.

Page 18: Bush Hospital has a red cross.

Page 19: Bread Roll is labeled "Butter Roll."

Page 23: Ness uses "PK POWERa" instead of "PSI."

Page 28: Burgalin Park sign is labeled "Nusutto Park."
The Runaway 5 sign is labeled "Tonzura Brothers" and Lucky and Gorgeous are wearing black suits.
Twoson's hospital has a red cross.

Page 30: Ramblin' Evil Mushroom is referred to as "Walking Mushroom."

Page 34: Insane Cultist has a different opening battle message ("Was captured by Insane Cultist!"), has "HH" on his forehead, and has no puff ball on his mask.

Page 37: Insane Cultist labeled "Happy Happyist", has had "HH" shined off his forehead, and has no puff ball on his mask.
The Runaway 5 are dressed in black suits.

Page 40: Threed signs are labeled "Threek."

Page 41: Runaway 5 are dressed in black suits, and their bus is labeled "Tonzura."

Page44: Octopus statue is shown instead of Pencil statue.
Dr. Andonuts' lab is labeled "LABO" instead of "LAB."

Page 47: Shrooom!'s description mentions "Walking Mushrooms" instead of "Ramblin' Evil Mushrooms." The description is still wrong since Shrooom! does not begin battle with cohorts.

Page 48: Dr. Andonuts' lab is labeled "LABO" instead of "LAB."

Page 62: Topolla Theater is labeled "Topollo Theater", Jackie's Cafe' is labeled "BAR" instead of "CAFE", the Monotoli Building is labeled "Monotoly", and the Dept. Store is labeled "DEPARTMENT."

Page 63: Runaway 5 are dressed in black suits.

Page 64: Calorie Stick is referred to as "Calorie Book."

Page 68: Moonside Cafe is labeled "BAR", and Monotoli Building is labeled "Monotoly."

Page 70: Octopus statue is shown instead of Pencil statue.

Page 76: Red truck has Coca-cola label.

Page 99: Military Octobot is refered to as "Blue Octopus."

Page 100: Figurine statue is shown instead of Eraser statue.

Page 111: Ness is nude instead of in his pajamas.

Page 119: Poo's crying status icon is from Mother 2.

EarthBound Mistakes:

Page 5: "Really" is misspelled as "realy"

Page 6: There is no space before the beta symbol.

Page 10: When an enemy surprises you, it says they get a "head start attack".

Page 12: The ATM spells "Withdrawal" and "Deposit" in all lowercase.
Ness should be able to use PSI by the time Paula joins.
The magic butterfly message says that only Ness relaxed instead of Ness and Paula.

Page 15: Starman Jr. is called (The) Starman Junior.

Page 19: Bottom left pic: The magic butterfly guy doesn't say what he says in EarthBound. In fact, he doesn't make sense in that pic.

Page 20: Inside the treehouse: The kid forgets to use the word "the" before "Mr. Baseball cap."
When opening a trash can and something is in there, it shouldn't say "Here we go!!"

Page 21: Frank is called Mr. Frank

Page 25: Exit Mouse: He may look like regular, small mouse, It should be "like a regular".

Page 29: Cookie is misspelled in the Burglin Park menu. Also, the menu says that it sells Rolls there.

Page 33: The drug store menu mistakenly says it sells the Tee Ball Bat. It actually sells the Sand Lot Bat.
Hotel is called a hostel, which may or may not be incorrect.

Page 35: Carpainter is called Mr. Carpainter.

Page 40: Sign in front of Threed's hotel is in the wrong place. Even for Mother 2.

Page 41: "The Trouble With Threed" - The guy says something slightly different than what he really says in the game.

Page 45: Spelling error: "Ca ve Boy".

Page 46: Iron Pencil "For some weird reason, an pencil-shaped iron statue is blocking the path" It should be a pencil instead of an pencil. Maybe a Mother 2 remnant? an octupus.....

Page 49:When Ness looks in the garbage can, it says "Here we go!!". It should say "Let's see here..."
Boogie Tent is called Tent Monster.
Trick or Trick Kid called "Pumpkin Boy".

Page 51: Mr. Saturn should say, "Do you want slumber?"

Page 52: Ness gained experience, but the others didn't.

Page 53: The butterfly message says only Ness relaxed.
The ghost is called "Zombie Processor" when it should be called "Zombie Posessor".
"Slimy Little Pile" is mistakenly labeled as "Slimy Little Pig".

Page 59: Image that should show the white sesame seed shows a piece of ground instead.

Page 67: Thirsty Coil Snake is called Desert Coil Snake.

Page 69: The beta symbol should have a space before it.

Page 78: Mysterious light called "Strange Light".
The "Rare Discoveries Made" article says that Bionic Kraken drop the Legendary Bat, not the Gutsy Bat.

Page 84: Brain Food Lunch is called Smart Food Lunch.

Page 89: Piggy Nose referred to as Pig Nose multiple times.

Page 94/96: The helicopter has crashed differently.

Page 98: Lumine Hall is called Luminous Hall.

Page 99: Brain Food Lunch is called Smart Food Lunch.
Master Barf's description refers to him as Master Belch.

Page 113: Mr. Molecule is labed as Molecule.



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