MOTHER 2 / EarthBound Publication Scans:

We've attemped to gather as many Japanese and U.S. magazine articles about MOTHER 2 and EarthBound as possible. In here, you'll find many interesting items, including pictures of MOTHER 2 when it was still in a very early form, and many interviews with Shigesato Itoi and other people on the MOTHER 2 and EarthBound teams. Sadly, the Japanese interviews aren't translated, though maybe someday they will be.

Obviously, we're missing a lot of magazine issues here, and there are many other magazines from the early 1990s that featured early MOTHER 2 stuff, but they're so hard to find nowadays that collecting them is slow-going. But if you happen to have any old magazines featuring stuff we don't have here, let us know!

Due to the number of publications, we have decided to separate the scans by language, so you can pick which section you'd like to peruse below. Anyway, browse and enjoy!




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