Prepare yourself for an RPG adventure full of smiles and tears, EarthBound!

Title Screen The War Against Giygas Naming Ness Naming Paula Naming Jeff Naming Poo Naming the Dog Favorite Food Favorite Thing The Naming Screen


A small suburban town located in the northern hills of Eagleland made famous for their... police road blocks. Onett is the hometown of our hero Ness, as well as where our adventure begins. Attractions include an extensive library, the stately town hall, and the occasional falling meteor carrying a bee from ten years in the future.

Onett Onett A Messanger Invader from the Future Fuzzy Pickles! Mothers understand A library is a nice place... learn about EarthBound All the info is there Tracy Tracy gives a cookie Spiteful Crow A secret entrance! Pogo Punk Get out of here! Busting his butt... You did the work so I don't have to Garbage picker! Where IS the X-button? Stubborn mutt! Bustin' in Is this a joke? *gulp* Ahh, so peaceful I'm a what? Stay right there! Cops are weird Ness sticks it to the man! Come with me


They got their name because they weren't first. See a show at the Chaos Theater or visit the spacious Twoson Department Store. Need some fresh air? Then be sure to check out the outdoor market at Burglin Park for all your ruler and banana purchasing needs.

TWOson, get it? uh-oh Yes! Get it off. Where is Paula? Take cover! Aaaahh, they're following me! You need a bath My baby's back! Here, have some money Come to our show! Posing as Ness' sister Let's blow this popsicle stand!

Peaceful Rest Valley / Happy Happy Village:

Nestled at the far end of Peaceful Rest Valley, this quaint village has been overrun by a crazed, blue-worshiping cult! Hopefully our man Ness can step in to quell these paintbrush weilding madmen and save the day.

What is the world coming to? A tree?! Those annoying robots! PP = LIFEUP = LIFE I'm here now Shh...they'll never know! It's too blue Duck! Sounds like a job for Ness Haha, you can't move now I'm nice now


Home to the year-round circus, Threed should definitely be a destination for children of all ages. Unfortunately there's no fun for our heroes as the town has recently become infested with ghosts and zombies making any path of escape nearly imposible! They're going to need some help with this one.

Threed *insert creepy music* Ambush! BOOM! Damaged Skyrunner This tent has a face?! The Boogey Tent There they go ...cartoon ...object crashed... Zombie Paper Delivery Handsom Tom Zombies Caught Yuck...gross A sign of things to come Everything is good again! Let's go to Fourside!


The small snow covered village that Jeff calls home. In addition to the prestigious Snow Wood Boarding School, Winters features the mysterious rock arrangement of Stonehenge as well as Lake Tess where the legendary sea beast Tessie is said to live.

Jeff... Help me out, here Escaping! Gimme some gum! Good eats! It's Tessie! A very easy dungeon That was easy See ya, Jeff! I'm too sexy for my shirt Hey, it's that guy who gave me life Get this thing off my head! Off to the beach!

Saturn Valley / Belch's Factory:

After treking through the tunnels behind Threed, the most skilled adventurers will come upon a strange village inhabited by even stranger villagers. And if it wasn't bizzare enough already, many of these villagers have been captured, forced to work in a factory headed by sentient piles of barf.

Here we go again What interesting creatures... Rescue my friends first! Time to fight the burping pile of puke ...WHAT Honey? WTF RUN!!! Aww, they're so cute! Fly Honey must be a popular food in this dump Ahh, much better I would like to sleep, please Get ready for a trip! Prickly! Big pile of dirt?! Time for a heal!

Dusty Dunes Desert:

The DDD is a sweltering desert that spans the distance between Threed and Fourside. The adventure gets even hotter than the sand when our party travels beneath the dunes to defeat a quintet of giant moles that have taken up residence in a gold miner's cave.

Traffic jam of the century! Waah, poisonous! What makes it so bad? I'm hungry! Golden ants = more dangerous than fire ants Goin' on a dig Get that guy some water! Help! How convenient! What you say?! We made it!

Fourside / Moonside:

Welcome to the big city! Be sure to catch one of the Toppolla Theater's famous live shows or maybe take some time to visit the Fourside Dinosaur Museum. Be careful though, get too nosey and you might find yourself transported to the neon nightmare of Moonside.

Fourside We made it! Help us out, kid! What's this loser doing here? Hmm... I never remember the order here eeeeeeee! Play that funky music! Gah! Did you hear that? Huh? Warp time! Freaks and geeks YOU SHALL NOT PASS Hey, it's that guy Uh oh! Oops! THIEF! Say the password... *falls over* I'm good again! Ha ha, losers! Quick! Put it on eBay! We're the Goonies! Eew, what stinks? Oh, that's what stinks Yech! Hide me! Planning Meeting for EarthBound 2


Summers, the world's more expenisive tourist location. There are many attractions to visit here as you stroll down the beachside strip including a cultural museum and a geode-musing philosophers club. If you're feeling adventurous, head East to the port town of Toto and sail across the ocean. Watch out for the Kraken though!

Summers Mr. Ness Feed me! His what? Ocean! Must get in! whoooooaaaa Sup D: It's outrageous! Boat ride Heeere it comes!


Perched atop the clouds themselves, the eastern kingdom of Dalaam is where our fourth hero resides. After completing his excruciating "mu" training, Prince Poo is called on to aid our party.

Prince Poo Whoooooaaaa! Ninja Bunnies?! Creepy Guy D: Don't bother me! NOOOOOO!!! Let's visit the House of Poo! It's battlin' time! Holes everywhere! Onos he has a leaf! Mmm, cotton candy!!

Scaraba / Deep Darkness / Tenda Village:

Across the sea from Toto awaits the desert city of Scaraba. Adventurers and tourists alike should not pass up the opportunity to vist the pyramids south of the city. The Sphinx holds the key to unlocking their secrets. When you finish your business there, stop by the Deep Darkness. Who knows, there may be a village hidden in the mucky swamp.

Scaraba Master Criminal Worm Sphinx Ancient Relic Bye Bye, Poo The Dungeon Man Cash dispenser man It's me, bubby! Fobby Army

Lost Underworld:

Deep below the Earth's surface exists a land in which huge dinosaurs roam free, rocks talk, and multicolered gysers burst up from the ground, this is The Lost Underworld. Adventurers able to make it this far should have their sights set on the volcanic caves of Fire Springs.

*sniff sniff* Who am I? Jurassic Park NOT a friendly purple dinosaur Watch out for giant face monsters Leggo my Ego Wheeee! Fire Springs What the...?!



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