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The Backup Buddies fill in for Radio PSI DJs that can't make it to their shows, so that the listeners don't have to go home empty-handed. You never know when a DJ might have another engagement to attend to, but when they do, the Backup Buddies are up to the task. The Backup Buddies are sort of like "regular Radio PSI DJs in training", and in the event that a Radio PSI regular DJ timeslot is free, they will be promoted and assigned to that timeslot.

(AKA ?????)

Buddy MYSTERY could be YOU! Do you have past experience running a show? Are you tech-savvy? Can you work well with the other Backup Buddies and DJs? Are you responsible and can be trusted not to abuse the free streaming sources when you're not supposed to use it? Are you influential, innovative, charismatic, and an upstanding member of Ok, so maybe this last part is not necessarily needed, but it doesn't hurt! You could very well be the next Backup Buddy! Let Radio PSI DJs know through the Radio PSI Discord that you think you might have what it takes and we'll consider the offer. Though we might not be actively be hiring new Backup Buddies, it won't stop us from extending the invitation if we believe that you might be a good match.

Buddy MYSTERY hasn't even been hired yet, how in the world are we going to know what his favorite things are?



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