Meet the Segments:

Radio shows just wouldn't be the same without segments. This is a non-exhaustive list of the segments you can find on Radio PSI's programming.

Most segments, unless otherwise noted, offer a voice (+v) on IRC.
Not to be mistaken for The_Voice

The Radio PSI Music Discussion Forum has a scoreboard for all segments and a topic where you can ask questions.

Quick links to the different DJs:

DJ Mon DJ Amztrak DJ Aquazition Miss Kame DJ Eggstreme edo the DJ Alchemist DJ Umbra DJ Pollyanna Buddies Seasonal Segments

The Radio PSI Participation Award:

The Radio PSI Participation Award (or RPPA for short) is an all encompassing award for participating in and around Radio PSI. Participation Points can be awarded for segments, making things for Radio PSI, or simply being awesome in the IRC channel.


13 points 26 points 52 points 104 points

DJ Mon - Digital Monsters:

Name the Thing That the Ring is From Thing

DJ Mon will play a track that may or may not come from his Nokia 3390b cell phone. Your job is to tell him what it comes from, as quickly, accurately, and specifically as possible. It can be from pretty much anything (a game, a movie, a TV show, or just a song) but you can count on it always being music since a phone this old can't do speech.

The accuracy and specificity part is important, here. Obviously, accuracy is the most important, but specific comes next, followed last by speed. You can just post the name of the song to be the fastest, but if someone after you is more specific, they'll be the winner. Examples of specificity:

  • FF6 Boss Battle
  • FF6 Boss Battle, Nobuo Uematsu
  • The Decisive Battle, Final Fantasy 6, Nobuo Uematsu

Things that generally don't count as more specific:
  • Regional differences (ex: FF3 vs FF6, "Terra" vs "Tina")
  • Things so specific no one knows/cares about, or can confirm (The Voice's example: colour of boxer shorts the composer was wearing at the time of composition)

DJ Mon's decision is always final, but he will explain any judgement he has to deliver.
<The_Voice> In great detail.
<DJ_Mon> Quiet, you.


5 points 10 points 15 points 25 points

The Treasure Hunt

This segment takes place entirely on IRC.

DJ Mon will create multiple channels (usually 10) which represent the questions in this general knowledge quiz. Questions can range from the mundane and random to the massively specific to inane factoids he's picked up or current events he finds amusing. Unlike many trivia games, this one not only allows use of Wikipedia, Google, etc but encourages it. As DJ Mon says, "How exactly would I stop you, anyway?"

"Finishing" is defined as entering either:
a) N - 1 channels where N is the total number of channels (aka: all but one of the channels).
b) The highest number of channels anyone entered.

This means you essentially get ANY question as a bonus question.

Questions can be answered in any order, but they will generally get progressively harder in a vague level of difficulty order. A list of questions is available and is updated to have the current list when the hunt begins.

The hunt begins, aptly enough, in #treasure_hunt. The topic in that channel will have Question 1, the answer of which is used to join the channel #1. In most clients, something similar to "/join #1 AnswerHere" or "/j #1 AnswerHere" will have you try to join a channel, which is how you answer. Think of it as answering #1 with "AnswerHere".

There are a few other guidelines to follow:

  • You'll notice that I didn't put a space in "AnswerHere" in my examples above. This is important because of how IRC works; including spaces in your answers will not work.
  • Always capitalise correctly. The only words that have capitals (and *require* them) are proper nouns and acronyms. In some rare cases, capitalisation is either not agreed upon/well known (weird words like Xbox) or ambiguous for a word, so I will state that you should not use capitals at all.
  • Numbers will always be used in basic numerical form unless I specify otherwise. ex: Do not answer with FinalFantasyVI unless I state you need to use roman numerals, nor should you write out "six".
  • Unless specified, generally exclude punctuation.

As mentioned before, use of search tools is not only encouraged, but sometimes outright required for this segment. The emphasis is placed less on knowing absolutely everything and more on being able to find things quickly. It's called the Treasure Hunt for a reason. Emphasis is also placed more on finishing rather than winning.

Finishing will reward you with a Participation Point, no matter who finished ahead of you. Entering every single channel first will get you bragging rights, but no reward. This makes the Treasure Hunt the most guaranteed way to (eventually) get a badge.

The Treasure Hunt theme is provided courtesy of J-Rokujuushi.

The Voice's Random Ramble

You're random and The Voice rambles. You come up with a start and end point for a story - be they person place or thing - and The Voice has to tell a story no shorter then seven minutes that somehow connects those two points in as entertaining a fashion as he can manage.

The Start and End points can be PM'd to DJ Mon at any point during the show up to the start of the Random Ramble. DJ Mon will decide the best combination to give to The Voice. These points should be limited to things The Voice may potentially have some knowledge of. Suggestions of Nuclear Physics or your cousin Ted will be ignored due to impossibility, however note that implausibility is not only accepted but encouraged.

Half Hour Hero

DJ Mon and The_Crew will choose a game and someone to play it. The game stream will be viewable on the Radio PSI Twitch channel. You also get the opportunity to predict the results of the gameplay. The subjects will vary from game to game, but will usually involve the number of points of money acquired, deaths suffered, or any number of other inane ideas.

The person who predicts one of these most closely will get 2 Participation Points and anyone else reasonably close will get 1 point. If you are able to predict one exactly, you will earn 3 points.

The Random Game

The Random Game is DJ Mon's version of 20 Questions ... well, without the 20 part. The_Random_Game (or DJ Mon in his absence) will choose a game at random and the rest of The_Crew and the #radiopsi inhabitants try to guess what game it is using "20 Questions" style questions. The first person to name the game correctly to DJ Mon's satisfaction will win 2 Participation Points ... if DJ Mon doesn't beat you to it.

DJ Amztrak's Shows:

This Week In History (Thursdays 8-10pm ET)

DJ Amztrak takes historical and current events that occurred during the week and matches them to music. Birthdays, deaths, releases, strange occurrences, and actual important stuff: if he can find music for it, he’ll feature it.

DJ Amztrak does take requests for events to feature, but they MUST be submitted at least two days in advance (ie: Tuesday) to ensure they arrive before the entire show has already been planned.

Throne of Games (Saturdays 7-10pm ET)

A video feature in which DJ AmzTrak and his cohosts play a game and interact with the audience ... or at least try to, as it can be difficult when things are trying to kill you. They play a wide variety of games, with two games actively alternating weeks, each with a different complement of cohosts.

DJ Aquazition:

Player’s Guide Prophecies

In homage to a segment featured on gaming TV show Game Center CX. DJ Aquazition is a wise monk at a shrine who has bits of wisdom to bestow from various Player’s Guides upon the listener. Out of context, these passages are often oddly profound.

Giegue no Segue

Giygas himself possesses the DJ to read the happenings of Radio PSI’s IRC in a fevered manner to the background of Giygas’ theme musics.

American Money

To be involved with American Money all the listener has to do is join and chat in the IRC channel. After that, DJ Aquazition puts a bounty on you for a crime that is decided by the DJ himself. He will expose you for your dirty work. The concept comes from Cowboy Bebop’s bounty hunter watch TV show.

Name That Video Game Tune

Each round consists of 3 short 1-2 second clips from a certain video game. After hearing the clip, the first person to guess the game correctly wins the game. If no one guesses the correct game after 3 clips, DJ Aquazition wins.

Random stuff that happens

  • Talk on games he’s been playing. Talk on STGs. (shmups)
  • Singing or rapping bogus lyrics or IRC text to game music.
  • Live acoustic guitar performances of game music.
  • Live game playing with commentary.

Miss Kame:

RadioPSI Talk with Miss Kame

One of two main features Miss Kame does every other week; a discussion with guests about the topic at hand. Topics varies from the silly and nerdy to the hard hitting and poignant. Suggestions for topic discussion can be made via PM through the forums or IRC.

Nerdy Radio Series!

The second of her two main features has Miss Kame’s big fat nerd love coming out. She loves her science fiction and fantasy and airs them every other week. Some of these serials can be quite long and last for months so listen to every show to be sure not to miss an entry.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Just like those books you may have read as a kid, Miss Kame takes you on a trip with a weird (and often deadly) storyline where YOU the listener decide the fate of our hero/heroine. While the story being read is pre-recorded, the outcome is not and voting takes place in the main channel of #radiopsi (IRC).

Keep Out Of Reach From Listeners

Miss Kame tries to keep her listeners safe from the various household products she has laying around. The warning label is read, where it’s generally found in the house and a vague description of the physical properties of what she’s holding is given. Progressive hints are also given if further help is needed. It can be amusing what items carry warning labels.

Know Yer Vidja Gaems

A single video game title (not series) is highlighted and questions range from easy, medium, and hard to extra credit (often an oddball/random question). Most games are from the 8bit and 16bit eras or hand held consoles.

Winners are picked randomly from the 1st to 6th person to answer via PM on IRC. If the submission picked doesn’t have the correct answer, another will be chosen.

Other Random Stuff™

  • Despite her sometimes lack of singing voice, Miss Kame will try crooning along to her favorite songs.
  • Calling people/places on skype LIVE ON AIR. Nothing like getting Nintendo of America’s helpline…

The DJ Eggstreme Program:

Radio Medley

Listeners will be given a clue to a song, a 10-second section of the song and 30 seconds to guess the title of the song in a PM to DJ Eggstreme. Correct answers are awarded a point and get to guess at the next song. Wrong answers result in elimination from that week’s game, though eliminated players keep whatever points they earned up to that point.

  • Up to five songs are played, with difficulty (usually) increasing.
  • Only the song title will be counted in a guess. Artist is irrelevant for an answer.
  • You must be present during the first song to play. Late entries are not permitted.
  • If you go AFK or disconnect from IRC during the game, that will be counted as an incorrect answer. Tough luck.
  • After the first correct answer, a listener may pass on a song after hearing the clues. This may only be done once per week.
  • Joke answers will be treated as disqualifications, and offenders will be stripped of all points earned for that week. If you don’t know an answer, pass OR don’t answer OR guess something legitimate. (Aquas is exempt from this rule.)


Participant in “Name That Tune” Winner of “Name That Tune” Winner of “Golden Medley” Bonus Round

Bizarro Jeopardy

Listeners will be given an actual answer from the game show “Jeopardy!”. When prompted, they must send IRC PMs to DJ Eggstreme with the most incorrect response (in the form of a question) they can think of. After about two minutes, responses will be read and judged on-air, with the most clever/funny response receiving a voice and a brand new Ford Pinto*!


The J-Rokujuushi (J-64) Request Challenge

Former DJ and all-around awesome music guy J-Rokujuushi periodically accepts a challenge from DJ Eggstreme to come up with a string of awesome requests in one show, dating back to Eggstreme’s pre-DJ days. DJ Eggstreme and the listeners judge each request sent on Awesomeness, and J-64’s goal is to break the previous record of awesome requests in a row.

J-64 is currently at 13 awesome requests in a row.


Every so often, we’ll play an actual game of Jeopardy live on-air, with prizes ranging from Radio PSI participation points to pride and fun. There’s no set schedule for this segment, but once enough games have been played, we go to a Tournament of Champions, where the big winners can try and add even more to their winnings. The game is played through Skype, and the rules are the same as the Jeopardy TV show.

In the summer of 2012, the Cyan Invitational Tournament was created. Through the summer, standard Jeopardy matches were held, with any winner of 3 straight games going on to the Tournament of Champions. Contestants could attempt the game as many times as they wished until they first won and subsequently lost or reached 3 wins. The winner(s) of the Tournament of Champions go on to face Cyan683 (DJ Mon) in a final match for the season. To date, Cyan has not been defeated.

Edo the DJ Alchemist:

Video Game of the Week

Doesn’t everybody love Video Games? Edo certainly does! Edo gives a review on a game of either her choice or perhaps by request and talks about the pros and cons of the game as well as some nostalgia moments in her childhood life in the video game world. Usually it runs for around 10 minutes, with the video game music playing in the background. Mostly Edo reviews old school games but does review newer ones every now and then.

Anime Spotlight

In this segment, Edo picks an anime and does a review on it. She’ll talk about the Main Plot of the show, the characters and their personalities, as well as some little background story about the manga artist and the music. All of the animes she reviews on have been watched all the way, no skipped episodes. Even though it’s Anime Spotlight!, she will sometimes talk about the manga side of the anime, if she has actually read it.


This segment once belonged to DJ Ozztastic. Edo has been honored to continue the line of WHO ARTED?!. And not only is she doing it, she has her best friend and co-host Izumi to help her with it.

WHO ARTED?! tests your fanart and artist knowledge! Izumi will posts a bolded image link in the #radiopsi IRC channel, and you play along by looking at that piece of Mother-series art, and then sending an IRC PM to Izumi with your guess of which artist created that image. In the first round, a hint is given before the image link is seen, but for the second and third rounds, the hint is only given afterwards (meaning those who know their art and artists have the upper hand). Winners are the person who guesses the right answer the 3rd, 2nd and 1st time, for the 1st 2nd and 3rd rounds, respectively.

Remember: When giving your guesses, you MUST send them to Izumi. Sending answers to Edo means automatic disqualification. Bummer!


7 wins 13 wins 17 wins 27 wins 37 wins

DJ Umbra's Shadow Waves of Radio:

Radio PSI Flashbacks

This is when DJ Umbra take you back to the past of Radio PSI to make you listen to some of the most memorable moments of its history. If you can’t search the archives for gems, this is your best bet to find them.

Series #2 currently in production.

Memories of Fiction

DJ Beta’s premiere segment, Works of Fiction, has taken a very special part of Radio PSI history. A symbiosis between the listeners who would write stories and the DJ who would narrate them on the air, this segment alone has its share of memorable moments. Memories of Fiction is a retelling of those moments as recordings of the narration is presented to those who were there and those who never heard it before.

The Game Room

DJ Umbra is a huge gamer and has many games which to share with others. The Game Room is where he talks about a game in particular while making a poor attempt to play at the same time. He says this is by no means a review as he claims other people are much more better in doing reviews than him, but we don't believe him. This is simply him giving an opinion of a game out of the blue, which is usually more entertaining. It’s so much out of the blue that the listeners tell him WHERE he should look for a game.

What you have to do: DJ Umbra will pick 3 games on different platforms. On a night with a game room, DJ Umbra will give you 3 game platforms (or hints). You then can PM him a vote of the platform of your choice and he will talk about the game from the winning platform later on that show. The runner up will then be the pick of the following week and the last game will follow the week after. Once those 3 games have been used, the cycle will restart.

DJ Pollyanna:


Love the MOTHER series? Don’t we all? DJ Pollyanna takes you back to your EarthBound-playing youth (if applicable) with a healthy dose of EarthBound/MOTHER content, including music, remixes, trivia, Did You Know? and stories. No matter how long you’ve been around this community, there’s always something new to discover about these games!


A music game based on everyone’s most hated translation application, Altavista Babelfish! DJ Pollyanna will run the lyrics of a song through Bad Translator and provide you with the results – and you, the listener, must name the song. Any guess goes and multiple guesses accepted! Hints are provided if the game goes on long enough. Will you be laughing harder at the hilarious attempts of your fellow listeners, or what Total Eclipse of the Heart sounds like after being turned into Korean, French and Portuguese? Try it!

The first person to correctly guess the song will receive 3 Participation Points and everyone else who answers correctly will receive 1 point. There’s also the “Seriously, You Were Not Even Close But That Was A Really Funny Guess” award of a voice (+v) on IRC.

Backup Buddies:

Buddy Squire's Segments

Movie Mashup (crazy people like DJ Mon call it Before and After the Credits)

Listeners will be given a plot synopsis that was made by combining those of two separate movies. Those other two movies will always share some part of their title, and it is your job to come up with the title that results from the combination of those movies. The first person to respond via private message in IRC with the correct title will receive a Participation Point. (Incidentally, one must be present in the #radiopsi IRC channel to participate in this game.)

A young African prince, after the death of his father, goes on a rampage, kidnapping and carrying a woman with him as he climbs to the top of the Empire State Building.

The Lion King Kong (The Lion King and King Kong)

Tag Bag

Buddy Squire will draw THREE random tags out of a paper bag, and announce them to the listeners. The first five requests to arrive (that are labeled in the subject as "Tag Bag") will be played. The person who sent the song that he determines to best fit the tags will win a Participation Point.

Seasonal or Periodic Segments:

DJ Mon's Food For Thought

DJ Mon and The_Crew try something unusual, interesting, or strange ... sounding.

Having started with the rather unusual sesame flavoured chocolate of Black Sesame Pocky, DJ Mon has found many amusing things to try live on the air, with occasional assistance from Radio PSI's own Iron Chef, Iron Chef Ukrainian.

DJ Umbra's Wanted Request

Note: The current request can be found here.

Wanted Request is a challenge given to the listeners. DJ Umbra will announce a main objective and any restrictions. From there, the challengers are free to create whatever they desire as long as it respects said objective and restrictions. Some overall rules apply:

  • The submitted work must contain no obscenities. If there is any, provide a second version with censors. You can also decide to create an EarthBound Obscenities (EarthBound SFX used to censor) if this happens.
  • The submitted work must not be a fluke (RickRoll, etc.)
  • DJ Umbra reserves the final right to decide all rules and add or remove them as needed.

Once you have created a Wanted Request, submit it via DJ Umbra's request email. Any Wanted Requests respecting the rules will be played on his show in one form or another.

This segment is for anyone who wants to challenge their creativity or searching skills. You do NOT need to provide a final product (music, lyrics and voice recorded). If you cannot sing, just send the lyrics. If you cannot think of lyrics, team up with someone who cannot sing. You can’t get the original track needed to complete it? Just send the voice recording and we’ll try to patch it up. Submit lyrics, a voice recording or a full recording. If you need anything else, the thread is there for that. Team up with friends or other people in the forums. As far as teaming up, it’s Anything Goes.

There will be also times when the Wanted Request is actually a search for a rare recording likely to be lost through time. For those, all you need to do is find the recording and send it in. Nothing else.

Completing a Wanted Request will win Radio PSI participation points. This amount will vary between requests.

There is no deadline for any Wanted Request unless told otherwise.

(Temporarily) Retired Segments:

Miss Kame's Name That Movie (with SimonBob)

Using his suave voice, SimonBob read quotes from various movies and listeners try to guess which movie he’s doing. As time progresses, hints are given until someone finally gets the correct answer. Answers are sent via PM on IRC.

DJ Umbra's Version Faceoff

It came to my attention that some songs has different versions of itself. Not sure original and covers or length differences, but truly different songs with the same lyrics or even base melody. However, which takes it? Whose version will reign supreme!? It’s up to you to find out!



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