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Hey! You're probably here looking for a way to talk in REAL TIME with your fellow Starmen.netters, right? Well you're in luck! On the IRC network Thinstack, we've got quite a few channels where we like to hang out! The following list contains user-run chat channels on Thinstack IRC:

#Starmen - the official chat channel of! We discuss just about anything here, and the ops here maintain a positive, friendly atmosphere that you can't find anywhere else!

#RadioPSI - The official chat channel of Radio PSI! There you can get the latest URL for the current show, as well as talk to other listeners! Try and show up on the weekends for the most activity!

#pkhax - The place to go for people interested in the hacking the EarthBound ROM, as well as ROM hacking in general. LOTS of secrets go on in here, and if you want in, you have to show up!

If you're ready to get connected with your fellow EarthBound fans, just read below to learn how to get an IRC client, and check out our "Get Connected" section to learn how to sign on and use basic IRC functions.

Downloading a chat client for Windows:

mIRC: Bozo's favorite IRC client! Easy-to-use, many features including a great script system!
X-Chat 2 for Windows: A pretty simple and easy-to-use IRC client.
KVIrc: A very popular IRC client used by many SM.Netters! Has great script support, with Perl.

Downloading a chat client for Macintosh:

Colloquy: A free, open-source, fully-featured IRC and Jabber MUC client.

Downloading a chat client for Linux:

XChat: Simple IRC client. Free for Linux.
Konversation: Another pretty great easy-to-use IRC client for Linux.
irssi: A VERY powerful, terminal-based IRC client. Only for the super computer geeks out there.

IRC clients for Browsers:

ChatZilla: A plugin for Firefox/Mozilla. Good for those who hate having a bunch of programs open at once.
Thinstack Chat: Thinstack's very own browser-based IRC client, for connecting to their server!

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