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Deptford So Many Dead Leaves Ago
Just an autumnal tribute to Earthbound.
10/15/08 0.00
fat_albert Twas the night before Halloween
Just a poem about Ness' Halloween adventure.
10/11/06 0.00
biehlza Halloween love
Just a little something I wrote for the Fun Fest. Enjoy!
10/24/08 0.00
PSI322 Reflections: Journey Through Winters
Jeff's thoughts on leaving Winters and joining Ness and Paula on their quest.
3/27/05 0.00
Wasuremono A Matsuri-Eve Letter
Jeff's not going to make the EB no Matsuri party this year.
12/11/08 0.00
Dannondorf Useless
Jeff ponders his worth as a fighter while Ness and Paula sleep.
10/19/06 0.00
EBounding Jeff in the Past
Jeff is unwittingly thrown back into the 1800's by his father's new Time Machine.
3/26/05 0.00
Shadow the Hedgehog Jeff's Adventure
Jeff is forced to help a family foe recover his home.
3/12/05 0.00
Shadow the Hedgehog Jeff's Love
Jeff has troubles in love.
3/13/05 0.00
EBounding The Denied Vengeance
Jeff developes a PSI machine and a new student is having an unusual influence on Snow Wood.
3/26/05 0.00
Starman Beta Jeff and Poo Fall in Love (With the Same Girl)
Jeff and Poo fall in love with a married woman. To settle it, the two allies are pitted against each other for Monica's heart.
3/30/05 0.00



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