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dalaaminmind Hallow's Eve Part 1
Hope it's good.
10/20/07 0.00
Wiiplayah43 An Unforgettable Halloween
Ness and Frank go out to celebrate Halloween, but then "they" show up!
10/29/07 0.00
slytherinface Welcome to Threed
Ness and Paula finally arrive to Threed... but is it too much for them?
10/30/07 0.00
Radiation Ness's Halloween Bashareeno
11/3/07 0.00
Wasuremono Festival of Masks
In the Tenda Village, nothing is ever what it seems.
11/4/07 0.00
dalaaminmind Hallow's Eve Part 2
Moral: Don't wait until the end to submit a fanfic.
11/7/07 0.00
ozwalled and Stevesesy WHAT HE'D SEEN
A tale of a citizen of Threed, and his struggle to survive and escape the town's evil-infested clutches.

A collaborative work that was written by Stevesesy and ozwalled for the 2007 Halloween Funfest. It was stressful to get it done just under the wire, but we had a lot of fun making it anyway. :)
11/7/07 0.00
FunkyNess Last Minute
Ness last minute Halloween costume
11/8/07 0.00
dalaaminmind Mine
Not yours
11/10/07 0.00
nb2k There Was Something I Wanted to Tell You Ch. 1
Ness and Paula's walk home after defeating Giygas.
11/8/07 0.00
Wasuremono The Allure of Foreign Food
Years after the war against Giygas, Poo learns that the strangest things can remind you of the past.
10/28/07 0.00
Mechanodroid Snow Wood Diaries
Here is my submission for the Holiday Funfest 2007. It is a fanfic about Jeff's life at Snow Wood Boarding House. The story takes place around and on Christmas. I hope you guys enjoy it!
12/21/07 0.00
Wasuremono Christmas in the Wasteland
Five years after Giygas's victory, Christmas comes to Winters again. (Who doesn't love a dark alternate-universe story for the holidays?)
12/29/07 0.00
Greenfinger EB Christmas Letters
The title is deceiving but its the best way i could describe it, These are four letters written by each of there chosen four before the came home from a pre-Christmas vacation in Summers. Yes I know there are phones in the EB universe, letters have a much more personal touch, or so I've heard people say.
1/1/08 0.00
Daniel-Ness's Ally The Evil Christmas Days
Basically Mother and LOZ:WW combined.
1/5/08 0.00
Greenfinger EB letters
Four letters sent to the families of the chosen four while enjoying a Christmas vacation in Summers.
12/23/07 0.00
nb2k The Chosen One's Gift
Ness has a very special gift for Paula this Christmas.
1/8/08 0.00
slytherinface Happy Holiday
A Mother 2 Christmas party!
1/12/08 0.00
Kaidanji dreamscape
Ness' future following Earthbound isn't quite what we'd think.
1/13/08 0.00
starman150 How the cultist stole christmas
This is my funfest entry... a spoof on a famous story.
1/14/08 0.00



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