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MoonDoggey, CATAPULT19 EarthBound Plays: Episode 6
Episode 6: Down with Mr. Saturn. Zombies have long since been exiled from Threed, and now the townspeople need something else to fear. In steps a curious character who gives them just that. Ness and Co. will have to set everyone straight.
4/4/05 0.00
Moonside Saturn One Halloween Night
4/2/05 0.00
Moonsider Ness Meets Dad
Ness decides that it's time he and his dad spend some quality time together. But when he arrives at the meeting place, he quickly learns it was a smart move to bring his friends along for the ride.
3/26/05 0.00
Mouse Holy Fry Pan
It's holy!
4/27/05 0.00
mperrett Forgotten in the Darkness
Years after his confrontation with cosmic horror, Ness's youthful resilience erodes under the stresses of adulthood. In desperation, he searches for proof that his adventures were real, and not just a product of his questionable sanity.

Note: this is a revised, more polished update to the original story I submitted awhile ago.
8/4/12 0.00
mperrett Separated by Eternity
The war against Giygas is over, and Jeff and Dr. Andonuts finally have a chance to reconcile...only to have it stolen from them.
8/7/12 0.00
Mr. Spoon Forgiveness
A touching fanfic about a group of people remembering and, maybe, forgiving an old acquaintance.
3/27/05 0.00
MrAxel Return to Onett
The Chosen Four return to Onett to retrieve the meteor piece. It just so happens to be Halloween night...
11/11/08 0.00
MrNameless The Starman
A short story about a lone Starman who chose a different path.
2/7/12 0.00
mrsaturnrocks52 EB Novel chapter 1
Hope you guys like it
1/12/13 0.00
MSWAC Saturn Star War
For years, the Mr. Saturn and the Starmen have engaged in war. After Ness' defeat of both Giygas and Starman DX, all was quiet on the battlefront: until now. New information may reveal that the Starmen are, in fact, alive and well... and ready for war.
3/26/05 0.00
Naeroon Earthbound: 鱧・
The world is at peace. Giygas, the universal destroyer has been vanquished, and all is good in the world. Celebrations were held for the Four, and each was met with personal successes. The Four went their seperate ways as they entered adulthood. They left home to search for a place of their own. The past is but a faint memory now...
3/26/05 0.00
Naeroon Invasion Persuasion
4/3/05 0.00
Nazgul3 Tenda Trouble
Only one month after the War Against Giygas, Ness and his friends must face an unexpected evil from the realm of the Deep Darkness. Who could be behind the war between the Tenda and the Jungle Monkies?
3/26/05 0.00
nb2k There Was Something I Wanted to Tell You Ch. 1
Ness and Paula's walk home after defeating Giygas.
11/8/07 0.00
nb2k The Chosen One's Gift
Ness has a very special gift for Paula this Christmas.
1/8/08 0.00
NeoPaula A Very Adonuts Christmas
A fanfic about the Andonuts family.
3/26/05 0.00
Ness X The Final Battle against Giygas
A short fanfic about Ness and Ninten battling zombies in Threed.
3/26/05 0.00
Ness's Cousin Giygas' Costume
3/31/05 0.00
Ness7 The Return of Master Barf, Part3
Ness' mom is having a huge party, but Master Barf is back and ready to crash it! Ness can only watch in horror as Paula is turned into a zombie. Can he save Paula? Can Poo and Jeff handle Barf?
3/26/05 0.00



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