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Ness and Paula are stick-figures!!!!! :o
3/27/05 0.00
SimonBob Ness vs. Mewtwo
Ness engages Mewtwo in a battle of epic proportions
3/27/05 0.00
SimonBob Spooky Masks
A zip file containing 'mask' images.
3/26/05 0.00
Silverline Eathbound: AU
Stories never change, only the storyteller. Everyone tells their own side to a story, telling it diffrent from their neighbor. Thus when asked what really happened, one can never be completly sure. This is an earthbound story, my way.
7/13/06 0.00
SilthCo. An EarthBound Christmas Carol
A shortened version of the Charles Dickens clasic. With MOTHER 3 characters
12/25/10 0.00
Silly_Sphere A Winters Christmas
A Christmas morning in Snow Wood in Tony's perspective. My first attempt at fanfiction.
12/25/10 0.00
Sigilistic Memories Best Forgotten
Poo returns to Dalaam and reunites with the elders and his friends.
3/27/05 0.00
Shyg What A Night!!
4/1/05 0.00
Shyg Ness Meets GigaBoo!!!
4/1/05 0.00
shiroandfubuki The Giygian
[Oneshot] Pokey Minch, from a second person perspective. Somewhat experimental.
9/10/09 0.00
Shimegami Did My Heart Love Till Now?
When all the company you have in the world is yourself, it's painful to dwell on what might have been.
4/5/08 0.00
Shamanic Shaymin The Meadow's Muse
This ficlet was written for bluewolf487, who likes Jeff/Paula and wanted me to scribble something about 'em. :) I've been kinda brainwashed by adorable fanart of Jeff/Paula, so I think they're kinda cute now. XD Plus, they're intelligent blondes... together, they fight crime and stereotypes! *DUNDUNDUN* That, and I've been reading fanfic lately and it's always poor Jeff that gets the short end of the stick when it comes to triangles. Since most Jeff/Paula is "OH SNAP NESS", I wanted to write something where it was just the two of them with just fluff and no drama. For just once, let poor Jeff get the girl. ;D
9/26/07 0.00
Shadow_FF6 A Very EarthBound Halloween2
A Very EarthBound Halloween2 - Fanfic
3/26/05 0.00
Shadow the Hedgehog A Day in the Life of the EarthBound Four - Chapter 1
A look at the Chosen Four's lives after EarthBound.
3/20/05 0.00
Shadow the Hedgehog Ness' Ultimate Battle - Chapter 2
An evil doppleganger creates trouble for Ness.
3/20/05 0.00
Shadow the Hedgehog Ness' Ultimate Battle - Chapter 1
An evil doppleganger creates trouble for Ness.
3/20/05 0.00
Shadow the Hedgehog Jeff's Love
Jeff has troubles in love.
3/13/05 0.00
Shadow the Hedgehog Jeff's Adventure 2
Ness and Jeff must face off against robotic versions of themselves
3/13/05 0.00
Shadow the Hedgehog Jeff's Adventure
Jeff is forced to help a family foe recover his home.
3/12/05 0.00
Shadow the Hedgehog Ness & Jeff's Showdown
Ness and Jeff battle Pokey and ProtoDino, with Jeff learning a difficult lesson.
3/27/05 0.00



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